If you are a Vodafone Red Hot customer you can use this form to request the removal of Vodafone insurance from your plan.

Before you ask to remove our insurance we’d like to remind you that it only costs £10.00 per month and this represents great value. Just look at the benefits you’d be giving up by removing Vodafone insurance.

Dedicated phone based claims service - some providers rely on cumbersome paper forms and the post. Can you afford to wait?

Rapid replacement - if the phone is lost or stolen we’ll aim to deliver a replacement phone to your door within one business day.

Only £50 excess for all claims - this is one of lowest excesses for smartphone insurance, other insurers commonly charge £100 or more. Have you checked what your new insurer will charge?

Free Courtesy phone - if your phone needs to be sent away for repair we’ll loan you another phone until your phone is fixed. How long can you afford to be without a phone?

Original replacement parts - we use genuine manufacturer parts when repairing your phone. Some insurers will use non-original components and this can affect your manufacturer warranty service. We can only accept back phones with 100% original parts, so if you use your own insurer you need to ensure they only use genuine components otherwise you may incur return charges of up to £425.