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Our UK head office is home to roles in a wide range of business areas – from business support, finance, HR and legal to marketing, online, property, strategy, technology and sales.

Based in the historic market town of Newbury, our head office is well served by transport links – including our very own fleet of Vodafone buses. There’s also a restaurant on-site, a number of cafes, Barclays cash machines and even a dry cleaning service.

Working here means you’ll be right at the heart of our business – and enjoy the chance to interact with people from a whole host of disciplines. So why not take a look at the types of role we have available.

Business support

Whether you're a PA, a team secretary, administrator or finance assistant, we need outstanding people like you to help things run smoothly behind the scenes. You're the heroes in the background, supporting all our business functions and making sure we're a success.

As part of the Vodafone team, you can also expect the same rewards and benefits as the people you’re supporting.

Finance department

Finance is about so much more than number crunching. It's about how we reach the bottom line. Where our spending makes a difference. And delivering even better value for our customers.

We're operational, managerial, give revenue assurance and make sure we, as a company, always make sound decisions. We're a lot of things to a lot of people. As a result, we need the right skills in the right place. So, whatever you excel at – whether it's facts and figures, the finer details, bringing fresh ideas, making tough decisions or getting the most from the latest technologies – we've got just the spot for you.

Human Resources

Making our customers happy is one of the main reasons we're so successful. But happy customers only result from happy employees. So our mission is making sure everyone's got a smile on their face. And with a company the size and breadth of Vodafone that's no mean feat. Impossible? No. A challenge? Certainly. There's no single answer or easy solution. But we wouldn't have it any other way.

Many factors come into the equation, and our team of HR professionals are there to make it happen. We provide clear roles, processes and performance measures for everybody to follow. We reward and recognise achievement and success (including yours). We reinforce the importance of great leadership. We have a vast range of people working here – from reward and payroll specialists to learning and development professionals and HR Business Partners – and we find different ways to engage every one of them.


Our biggest challenge is keeping up with the pace of developments. Often, we have to give sound guidance on matters where technology is light years ahead of the law. Giving pragmatic advice based on the minimum of precedent information, however, is no mean feat. But it's what we do best. In fact documents we've created here have often been adopted and developed for use across the industry.

We also have quite a few more strings to our bow:

  • We support all UK departments in the day-to-day running of the business
  • We look at the impact of new legislation
  • We consult with the Government to identify any changes we need to make
  • We work with the Vodafone Group legal department, focussing on global issues with other Group companies from around the world


The pace of our industry means that, by the time you read this, much will have changed. And that's one of the best things about marketing here – there will always be new challenges.

We're constantly looking for new and better ways to reach more people, more powerfully. Our marketing team plays an integral part in this, and we've spearheaded some of the most widely recognised marketing campaigns in the UK.

Getting your head round – and ahead of – new technology is one thing. Making sure our current and future customers do too is what will really get you going.


So much of people's busy lives is now online. We want to make the most of the time they spend with us here. We want our website to be a valuable part of a customer's experience. It's a move to position Vodafone as a leading online brand.

To achieve this, we need to see our website through our customer's eyes. We need to give them a rewarding online experience, and encourage them to come back time and again. We need to get the most out of technology. And we need to bring the mobile technology we provide to life.

This will take real visionary thinkers – customer-focused idea-generators who break through boundaries. People just like the ones in our Marketing, Portal, Product Management, Journey Management and User Experience teams. People who are ready to develop their career at the same break-neck pace as our website. People like you?


As you might conclude from our name, we deal with anything related to any of the Vodafone properties in the UK. But what you might not realise is that they could be anything from radio base stations to offices and retail outlets.

But where there's property, there's people. And as part of our property team, you'll ensure everything runs smoothly – for our customers and employees. This takes a team of specialists in every area, from chartered surveying through to engineering. And together we're able to do everything – whether it's managing the relocation of 3,000 people into our new HQ or securing the perfect spots for new retail stores.

We also help people get to and from all of our properties. This ranges from managing a free shuttle bus service, to a range of green travel initiatives.


When our customers change their minds, we need to change with them. When they want something, we need to be prepared to give it to them.

But in today's competitive market, we need to get there first. We need to be the ones to influence what they want and when they get it. Being able to get that one step ahead comes down to being prepared and hungry for innovation. Having a sound strategy for the future. And having three areas of expertise:

Strategy Development looks into what our competitors and customers are up to. This information helps us to decide where we should focus as a business.

Regulatory works closely with economists and legal advisors to review compliance issues, roaming partnerships and figure out how we connect our new services to other operators.

Quality acts as internal consultants throughout the company, leading the whole redesign process and generally making sure everything more than meets the highest quality standards.


As you might imagine, technology is very much at the heart of Vodafone – without it, there wouldn't be a business. But here's the thing. We don't just develop new and innovative things for the sake of it. We want our technology to do something more. We want it to be helpful, useful, easy. We want it to work brilliantly and seamlessly. We want it to improve our customers' everyday lives. And this is the challenge our teams of technology specialists seize with both hands every day.

We've people from a whole range of backgrounds working on a whole range of technologies to keep us flying at the forefront of what we do, in one of the most competitive markets in the world. These teams work on our Radio Network and Telecom Systems, right at the core of Vodafone. We also have the IT and Service Operations teams you might expect – and the types of Project and Programme Management roles you might not. Wherever your talents lie, we offer the opportunities to stretch them further.


We might be called 'Sales' but we don't just sell (although it is a big part of what we do). To look after all our customers, both business and consumer, it takes all four of our teams: sales, marketing, operations and enterprise mobility services.

Together, we make sure our consumers don't lose touch with their friends and family, and our business customers don't lose touch with their customers. This takes everything from developing propositions for consumers to full communication solutions for businesses.

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