Content control - our code of practice

What is content control?

Content control is our network bar, which is already in place on most of the devices we offer. The exception is BlackBerry devices, as the manufacturers RIM use their own server.

Our content control prevents access to 18-rated content on Vodafone live! (mobile internet) and blocks access to 18-rated websites, un-moderated chat rooms and listed child abuse sites. Adult customers who want to use 18-rated services can have the content control bar lifted by proving their age.

Music, TV and YouTube controls

We assess every music track without an age rating before it’s available for download from Vodafone live! We place those that aren’t suitable behind content control. We also work with TV production companies to make sure Mobile TV programmes are edited appropriately or only shown after 9pm. In addition, our contract with YouTube means they check all videos before they’re posted.

Inappropriate content

On rare occasions, unsuitable material isn’t identified by us or the content provider. When we receive a complaint, we aim to take down inappropriate content (including images and music downloads) within six hours of it coming to our attention. We also report illegal content to the police and illegal sites to the Internet Watch Foundation.

Our partners

We work with the Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre (CEOP), the Home Office and Virtual Global Taskforce. We signed an agreement to work with CEOP on increasing child awareness of internet safety.

We also helped establish the Independent Mobile Classification Body (ICMB) which sets classification standards for mobile picture-based content.

In addition, we were the first mobile operator to sign up to the Internet Watch Foundation blocking list for illegal sites.

Information for parents

We’ve written our Parents’ Guide to Mobile Phones in partnership with the National Family and parenting Institute (NFPI). It helps parents understand new mobile services and ensure their children use mobiles safely and responsibly.