Mobile internet advertising - our code of practice

Promoting mobile internet services clearly

To promote awareness of the mobile internet’s potential, the UK’s mobile operators have agreed some good practice principles. These underpin the way they communicate relevant information when customers buy and use mobile internet services.

The principles cover:

  • Coverage
  • The factors that affect download speeds
  • Pricing transparency (including roaming)


Coverage information should be made available online (for example, using a map or postcode checker)

Download speeds

  1. Users must be able to achieve the download and upload speeds in advertising and promotional material, and it should be explained that speeds are variable, with ideally a range of achievable speeds
  2. The factors affecting download speeds should be explained
  3. A glossary should be provided of any technical mobile internet terms being used
  4. Tips should be given on how to improve download speeds
  5. Real-life examples should be used to demonstrate raw data speeds

Transparent pricing

  1. Pricing information should set out relevant price plan options, including a description of fair usage limits
  2. They must explain what happens if a customer goes over their usage limit and there should be an explanation of what a megabit, megabyte or gigabyte of data usage lets the customer do
  3. Pricing information should include the roaming charges or a link to where roaming charges are set out