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We've made donating easier

The most difficult thing about raising money for charity shouldn’t be asking for it.

With our JustTextGiving service it’s easy. Anyone from any network can donate to your cause just by sending a simple text - and every penny goes to your charity. Leaving you to do the really tough stuff.

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How to get up and running

Our video makes it easier to start using your JustTextGiving code.

Our partnership with JustGiving means you get your own JustTextGiving code when you set up a fundraising page on justgiving.com. Just follow these simple steps to create yours:

  • Set up your JustGiving fundraising page at justgiving.com ( if you already have a page, just go to the next step)
  • Personalise your text code by clicking ‘Edit your page’ and then the ‘Get started’ link under the red JustTextGiving logo
  • On the bottom left of the next page, you’ll see your code. You can change this to something that means more to you
  • Now you can share your code - and get on with the tough stuff

Ideal for charities

Thousands of UK charities of all sizes are using JustTextGiving to raise money by text. Every penny goes to your charity – and it’s free to set up and use.

Why we're doing this

Vodafone Foundation

JustTextGiving is supported by the Vodafone Foundation (registered charity 1089625). We want to bring text giving to every UK charity and fundraiser- so everyone can benefit from the power of mobile.

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