The best phones and tablets for
kids and teenagers

For everyone from first-time users to more tech-savvy young people, we’ve got some great options that can be tailored to their needs – backed up by advice to keep them safe. We’ll help parents, guardians and children with what can seem a daunting challenge – picking the right phone or tablet.

For advice and guidance on your child’s online life and how to have meaningful conversations at home about phone and internet use, we recommend our Digital Parenting Magazine

Back to the future

Your kids won’t remember the Nokia 3310 from the first time round – but with a basic camera, FM radio and long battery life, it makes a perfect starter phone. And the sharp screen and traditional keypad mean it's a simple, reliable way to stay in touch.

Keep tabs on them

Samsung’s Galaxy Tab A (2016, 10.1) comes with Kids Mode 4.0 – a brilliant way to manage the content children can view, and set time limits. It makes sure your little explorers don’t go places they shouldn’t online. A compact, stylish and super-high resolution tablet, it’s ideal for sharing with the whole family.

High speed, low price

The Vodafone Tab speed 6 might be ideal as a young person’s first tablet – boasting all the benefits of a more premium model without the price tag. A generous 16GB memory will give them space for photos, videos and more. It’s also a good model to get for school work.

The gamer’s choice

The Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 edge boast some impressive tech for gaming under their stylish surfaces – and can also be paired with the Gear VR headset and Gear 360 camera for even more entertainment. Ideal for teenagers who are independently-minded and comfortable with online activity.


First among equals

The Vodafone Smart first 7 is a great choice as an introductory smartphone for your child. The Smart first 7 is just 12mm thin and boasts an up-to-date design made of the latest materials. All this adds up to a modern looking affordable smartphone with all the features you need.

Mini but mighty

Affordable and compact, the Vodafone Smart mini 7 comes with a 4-inch touchscreen and Android 6.0 Marshmallow, giving you access to over 1.6 million apps in the Play Store. And thanks to the built-in GPS you can also share your location with family and friends.

Good to know

  • Tech it to the next level

    For many school-age kids, mobile and tablet technology is already second nature. So it makes good sense for parents to keep up with the latest trends in phones, apps, and more – take a look at our Digital Parenting Magazine for information on how to ensure your child is using the internet safely.

  • Have the chat

    There’s no substitute for talking. From cyber-bullying to adult material, we’d encourage parents to speak to their child about potential online threats in a way that’s appropriate for their age group. It might not be an easy conversation to have, but it could make a real difference – and they might know more than you realise.

    Get advice and information to support you and your kids, available within our Digital Parenting Magazine and also the 'Internet Matters' website.

  • Stay in control

    Content control prevents under-18s from accessing inappropriate websites and content – we’d recommend double-checking parental control settings when your child gets a new phone.

Model behaviour

Smart phone or something simpler? Take some time to think about how advanced you want your child’s phone to be. For younger children, a basic starter phone with limited options might make better sense. They may want the latest gadget to keep up with friends, but what avenues will this open up, and are they child-friendly? Do your research to make an informed decision.

Play as they go

Pay as you go phones are a great springboard for youngsters, helping them to control their spending and usage. Big Value Bundles on Pay as you go give a specified allowance of data, minutes and texts that renews each month, with no danger of unexpected bills – a bit like pocket money for your child’s phone.

Building responsible habits

All Big Value Bundles include and Rewards points – two great features that encourage patience and long-term planning.