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Believe it or not, the first touchscreen phone, the IBM Simon, appeared in 1992. Weighing in at just over a pound, with no colour screen or multi-touch functionality, it bears little resemblance to today’s touchscreen smartphones – though it was cutting edge in its day.

It wasn’t until 2007, when Apple released the first iPhone, that touchscreens really began to replace physical keyboards and the modern smartphone was born. To be strictly accurate, the LG Prada (released just a few months before) was the first commercially available phone with a capacitive touch screen. This meant users no longer had to press hard to use them – and opened the window to multi-touch technology.

Today’s touchscreen phones boast capabilities that the creators of IBM Simon could only dream of. Pinch and zoom, iPhone’s 3D touch, and long press on Android make it easier to quickly access and use your favourite apps. Here are a few of the most impressive touchscreen smartphones.

Samsung Galaxy Note8 Black  
Samsung Galaxy Note8 Black

A beautiful screen with great flexibility

The first thing you’ll notice about the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is the luxurious 6.3 inch curved ‘Infinity’ screen. And if you have an artistic side, you’ll love the improved S Pen. With greater pressure sensitivity and a thinner tip, it allows greater expression and precision when you’re writing or drawing. You can even use the S Pen in Live Message to create custom-made emojis and GIFs that include your own handwriting.

Apple iPhone 8 64GB

Now with True Tone

Apple have always been looking to push touchscreen technology to the next level. iPhone 8 features a Retina HD display that’s more beautiful than ever, with True Tone, a wide colour gamut and 3D Touch. True Tone technology automatically adjusts white balance to match the light around you, for a better viewing experience in all kinds of environments.

Apple iPhone 8 64GB
Sony Xperia XZ Premium  
Sony Xperia XZ Premium

Great to look at – great to touch

Sony describe the Xperia XZ Premium smartphone as their ‘jewel in the crown’, and it’s not hard to see to see why. They’ve drawn on their expertise in TV technology to create the advanced TRILUMINOS screen, bringing deep, rich and super vivid colours on your touchscreen. Simply tap, swipe, pinch and zoom to access the features of one of the most desirable smartphones on the market.

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