Our local government expertise

Better communications, bigger savings

We understand the way that local government communicates and the challenges it faces. You need to communicate effectively with the public. You have to reduce costs by working flexibly, sharing information and services, and cutting administration. You also need to keep information secure, maintaining public confidence. We can help make all this happen – and more.

Enabling your people

Our integrated mobile offering means staff aren't tied to the office and can spend more time with the public. This makes them more productive – and helps you meet your green agenda by having less equipment.

Easier collaboration

Our united communications make it easier for your people to collaborate and share information with each other. It also gives you a choice of procurement methods.

Better service to the public

Our contact centre solutions ensure that you communicate with the public promptly, effectively and flexibly using a choice of media that includes instant messaging and social networks.

Our new TV ad

A still from our new TV ad

77% of the emergency services are using our fixed, mobile and unified communications services and our business and security solutions. Our latest campaign highlights the everyday heroism of our emergency services. No actors, no CGI, just real firefighters doing what they do every day. We're proud that the people we rely on use our services.

See what we can do

We’ve got the expertise to transform the way you work – but don’t just take our word for it. See what our customers think.

Network coverage

Network Coverage

Find out why ours is a network you can depend on when you want to make a call, send a text or browse the web.

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