The facts

  • General-76percent 76percent

    76% of people tell at least one person about their customer service experience, and social media helps spread these messages.

  • General-56percent 56percent

    56% say the most important thing is that their issue is resolved satisfactorily.

  • General-80percent 80percent

    80% spend more with companies that give them a good customer experience.

  • General-23percent 23percent

    23% of 18-24 year olds want to use social media more for customer service.

  • General-43percent 43percent

    43% say they find it hard to access customer service in the way they want.

Don’t just take our word for it


Doing more for your customers through social media

Social media has revolutionised the way people and businesses interact, growing from a form of personal communication to a vital professional tool. We’re only now discovering the real impact it’s having on customer service.

Linda Cheung, CEO of CubeSocial, reveals how to get started with social media and explains how it can help you do more for your customers with less.

Getting inside the mind of the customer

Getting inside the mind of the customer

Our infographic offers a visual insight into what today’s customers expect from a business like yours, showing why a multi-channel approach to customer service is so important.

Getting inside the mind of the customer
Str Have a nice day
Str Have a nice day

Have a nice day! – the full report

The Have a nice day! report looks at customer service beyond today. It examines the timeless customer values that hold true for any age, looking at how to make those values stand up in the world of social media and increasingly tech-savvy customers.

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