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    61% of non-IT business leaders say IT directors need to think more strategically. With technology high on the board agenda, 88% of IT directors agree they need to understand the bigger picture.

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    58% of non-IT business leaders say IT directors need to collaborate more effectively, feeling that IT leaders are not immersing themselves within the business as much as they should to help drive the bigger picture.

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    Technology is a huge potential source of competitive advantage. 88% of IT directors describe technology as a key enabler of organisational change and 76% feel it has changed the nature of the competition they face.

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See how IT can add more value in the cloud

Get real insights into how the new IT crowd are taking the lead as we interview experts about their challenges.

Alistair Mitchell is the founder and CEO of Huddle. Find out how cloud applications are enabling organisations to focus on strategic priorities.

You can also watch the video from Daniel Rakumar, Managing Director of Web Translations, explaining how BYOD can work in your business.

The New IT Crowd – the full report

The New IT Crowd – the full report

The New IT Crowd report looks at how IT directors can adapt their strategic approach to technology to meet the needs of the wider business, and respond to the increasing complexity of their role in a changing landscape. Our in-depth research and analysis includes insights and advice from business leaders and entrepreneurs.

General-The New IT Crowd – the full report
General-The Evolution of IT
The Evolution of IT

The Evolution of IT

We’ve highlighted the key findings from our research in these infographics that explore the evolving nature of IT. Find out just how and why the new IT crowd are becoming true business leaders, and see the impact on security and management complexity that BYOD is having on organisations like yours.

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