The industries that rely on us

We are already the trusted partner of organisations in almost every field, and can share our expertise and experience to help you do more.

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    Central government

    With ICT being a big driver for efficiency and reform, we’ll show you how to innovate in the way you deliver services to citizens and organisations. This will help you overcome the challenges of widespread cost-cutting while fulfilling your needs for increased security of data.

  • Construction Construction


    We can help you re-assess and innovate the way you work to help tackle government targets and increased competition, with rapid-deployment solutions, smart asset management and mobile services that connect and protect remote sites and workers.

  • A soldier A soldier

    Defence and security

    In a world dominated by information, we can help you make best use of today’s ICT solutions, enabling you to communicate, collaborate, and share data both securely and effectively to protect the UK and its citizens at home and abroad.

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    As pressure grows to stand out in an increasingly crowded market, our scalable solutions can help you capture the imagination of new audiences and meet the demand generated by new opportunities and seasonal surges, whether that’s in store, online or mobile.

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    By equipping health workers with new mobile technology, the Department of Health reports that significant increases in productivity can be achieved., The duplication of data can be greatly reduced, freeing up clinical time by up to 92%.

  • Travel Tourism Travel Tourism


    With customer expectations and competition higher than ever, we can help industry firms adapt to new regulations and technological innovations to re-engage with consumers, exceed their expectations and gain that competitive edge.

  • Legal Legal


    Ever-increasing client expectations, coupled with the impacts of market liberalisation and new technology, mean the legal industry must quickly adapt to remain competitive and profitable. Developing operational agility to meet the demands of this changing competitive landscape is vital.

  • Local government worker in hard hat Local goverment

    Local government

    With a spotlight on social care, an ageing population and continued pressure on budgets, we can help local authorities continue to deliver a high level of service for all citizens while also meeting targets such as fulfilling the digital inclusion agenda.

  • Industry Expertise Industry Expertise


    Manufacturing in the UK is currently enjoying a renaissance, fuelled by investments in process and product innovation, and positive growth in productivity. We work closely with businesses in the manufacturing sector and with industry champions to understand how we can help businesses like yours gain that competitive edge.

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    Media and broadcast

    The shift to digital impacts not only the media you produce, but how it’s distributed, and, crucially, how your audiences consume and pay for it. We offer a range of solutions to help you adapt to the digital future while still providing content through traditional means.

  • Police Police


    Having more officers on the beat, and being able to fully assist victims at the scene of a crime, increases public confidence in the police, and builds stronger relationships with the community. Putting a smart device in the hands of police officers can help forces do just that.

  • Retail related image Retail related image


    The boundaries between online and in-store shopping are blurring, and integrating digital with the high street is a necessity to stay ahead of the competition. Our fixed, mobile and hosting technologies can enable you to offer flexible, efficient and attractive options to your customers.

  • Windmills at sea Windmills at sea


    To help you meet funding and regulatory demands, we’ll help you add intelligence to your infrastructure – improving the efficiency of your essential services and keeping your people safe as they deliver these services.

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