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The UK marketplace is constantly evolving. Today’s digital revolution has disrupted traditional methods of working, and at the same time the connected generation has entered the workplace. In the face of complex IT agendas and an unpredictable world, it’s more important than ever to be confidently connected across your organisation.

Being ready for the future means combining all your fixed, mobile and cloud needs. With a unified communications solution, your organisation will be able to adapt quickly, work efficiently and be more productive, so you can seize every opportunity and put your customers first.

Partnering with us will help your business embrace total communications – today and into the future.

  • Be a more agile business

    With a flexible infrastructure for your business, you’ll be free to innovate, and to implement new communications technology. So you’ll be in a stronger position to manage and react to change – keeping you ahead of the game.

    With unstable economic conditions affecting the UK marketplace and the threat of cyber security high on the agenda, it’s never been more important to ensure your organisation has a connectivity infrastructure that’s flexible and resilient.

    With these changes in place, your business can:

    • respond rapidly to market changes and make the most of any emerging opportunity, while reacting swiftly to any imminent threat
    • optimise operations with a renewed focus on your core business, with the assurance that your employees get a consistent experience wherever they work
    • drive efficient growth and be primed to harness new critical business applications and next-generation technologies
  • Connect your people

    Growing your business is easier when you empower your people to collaborate, innovate and ultimately generate more business.

    As we live and work longer, our workforces have evolved and are now comprised of four generations – including digital natives. This is forcing the workplace to adapt from traditional, corporate ways of working.

    Consumer technology and new digital workplace tools are influencing the way we collaborate and communicate. By connecting our people, we empower them to work across teams, borders and anywhere they choose, while preventing cost overruns and security breaches.

    With these changes in place, your business can:

    • support the four generations in the workplace and address the talent crunch
    • enable flexible and collaborative working, allowing your people to embrace all forms of mobile working, on multiple platforms and operating systems, both securely and cost-effectively
    • increase productivity and reduce fixed costs by eliminating legacy infrastructure and scale capacity up and down in line with your business needs
  • Get closer to your customers

    We can help you deliver a consistently positive experience that enables you to attract – and retain – profitable customers to grow your business.

    Customers are in the “now generation”. They expect orders to be delivered and customer services to respond immediately, and they demand multi-channel contact and personal service. To meet today’s customer expectations, UK organisations need to provide a radically better customer experience.

    Twinned with this is the need to get more out of our technology. Our world-leading IoT (Internet of Things) technology can connect the ‘things’ across your organisation, giving you the ability to drive value in new ways.

    With these changes in place, your business can:

    • co-create new products, services and business models
    • develop new ways to engage with customers that match the way they want to communicate
    • use new data sources to generate deeper customer insights and relationships

How we can help your business

  • We’re the network you can trust We’re the network you can trust

    We're the network you can trust

    As well as providing increased 4G coverage indoors and out, we also have our own nationwide fibre network. So we have the power to control the quality of our signal and to resolve network issues fast – and we continue to invest millions of pounds to make our networks fit for the future. So whether it’s fixed or mobile, voice or data, we can keep you connected.

  • We’re a transformation partner  We’re a transformation partner

    We're a transformation partner

    As a total communications provider, we can help you be ready for the new world. Our unique portfolio across fixed, mobile and cloud services is designed to deliver all your communications needs in an effective and holistic way, and transform the way you do business.

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