Find better ways to manage your calls and messages

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Transform communication in your business by managing your calls and messages in a more intelligent way.

When you can't take a call, let your mobile take a message

Don’t miss that vital call. Voicemail will take a message - and play it back to you when you're free.

  • Greet callers with your own personal greeting
  • Choose to be alerted to new messages by a phone call or a text message
  • Listen to your messages any time by calling 121

What does it cost?

If your price plan comes with inclusive minutes, calls to 121 will come out of these. If you don't get inclusive minutes – or you have none left - you'll just pay your standard price plan rate.

  • If you're a Pay monthly customer, your voicemail charges will appear on your bill
  • If you're a Pay as you go customer, your voicemail charges will come out of your TopUp – or inclusive minutes, if you have any

How do I get it?

Simply call 121 from your mobile phone. You'll hear an interactive demo which tells you how voicemail works and explains how to personalise your greeting.

Bar unwanted calls

Call barring lets you stop certain calls being made to or from your mobile phone. So you can focus on your business rather than answering unnecessary calls.

It can also help control costs by preventing someone from misusing their business phone.

Call divert

Call divert lets you direct incoming calls to another number - ideal if you want a friend or colleague to handle your calls.

A stress-free way to manage your calls

If you're already mid-conversation, call holding lets you put one caller on hold while you make or receive another call.

You'll hear a soft dual-tone bleep to gently nudge you when another caller is trying to contact you.

Put your business ideas in the picture

With picture messaging, you can take a photo, add text or sound, and send it from your mobile phone.

Picture messaging is just like texting

  • Create your message by taking a photo or downloading a picture
  • Add narrative to your images - create long text messages of 500 characters or more

What does it cost?

Sending a picture message to a UK or international number costs 36p. There's no charge for receiving a picture message, unless you're abroad, in which case you'll be charged a small data charge for the download of the message (price will vary depending on the size of the message).

The online alternative

If your colleagues can't receive picture messages on their phone, you can still send them a picture message. They'll receive a text message asking them to go to Get my photo where they'll be able to view your message online. Or you can send your picture message straight to their email address.

Get your point across without needing a meeting

Vodafone text messaging is a fast, convenient way to keep in touch. You simply create short written messages on your mobile phone and send them directly to other mobiles.

What does it cost?
Receiving standard text messages from other mobiles is completely free. Sending text messages is charged according to your price plan. Some price plans have inclusive text messages built in and they can also be as little as 3p (inc. VAT) when you buy a text or extras pack. Otherwise standard messages are a maximum of 12p each (inc. VAT) in the UK on most Vodafone price plans.

Sending text messages from the UK to an international mobile number costs 24p a message (inc. VAT). Receiving messages from abroad is free if you are in the UK, however some international networks may charge you to receive text messages while you're abroad.

How do I get it?
Every new Vodafone mobile phone is already set up to use text messaging - you'll find full instructions in the user guide for your phone.

Video messaging

Can’t remember the great idea in the meeting?
Rather than trying to decipher your meeting notes, capture an idea in the moment. You can record up to 30 seconds of video on your phone and then send it as part of a message to any mobile or email address.

What if my colleagues can't use video on their phone?
If your colleagues have phones that don't have video messaging, they'll receive your video message as a series of still pictures.

Once the pictures have been sent, they'll receive a text asking them to go to Vodafone live! Studio to view the original video message you sent. Using a PC or mobile data device they can then watch your message on the web.

What does it cost?
Sending a video message to a UK or international number costs 60p. There's no charge for receiving a video message, unless you're abroad, in which case you'll be charged a small data charge for the download of the message (price will vary depending on the size of the message).

Use your own device

Bring your own device

72% of staff feel that bringing their own device increases responsiveness

Share your minutes

Share Minutes Data

Get one allowance of minutes and texts to share across your employees, plus landline numbers on your mobiles.

Why work flexibly?

Why work flexibly

The RSA/Vodafone flex report found that flexible working could save UK businesses £8.1 billion.