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Ours is the network behind 77% of the UK's emergency services - connecting dedicated professionals and enabling their vital daily work. Our latest TV ad spotlights the heroism of one of these services.

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The Public Sector Network helps you use technology as a catalyst for better ways of working, bringing better service for the people you serve.

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Leaders reveal their customer service strategies

From healthcare to policing, leaders reveal how efficiency measures designed to tackle major budget cuts are also helping them to improve the way they operate to deliver better communications with customers.


Five ways to boost your service.

From social media to mobile apps, our latest How To features five key areas that give a better customer experience.

Better service could help cut costs

Get expert analysis that brings together innovative new ways on how to improve public service – including advice to help lower delivery costs.

Focus on central government

Process leaders video

Leaders share budget cut strategies.

From reducing property estates to cross-sector collaboration, public sector leaders reveal the strategies that helped them operate with fewer resources while maintaining and even improving service.

Focus on local government

Budget cuts leaders video

Fife Council gives the inside track on flexible working.

Linda Robinson, Programme Manager, reveals how Fife Council has reduced their 97 buildings to 27.

Focus on health services

People leaders video

Improving health services in a changing environment.

Healthcare leaders share their views of efficient ways to improve patient care while dealing with rapid change.