Which internet plan works for you?

Choose a flexible plan for your business

We'll make it easy for you and your people to stay connected to your business when you're away from the office.

Whether you use it every day or just occasionally, we've got a price plan and device to suit you.

Vodafone Business Connected

For going online regularly

Great for keeping in the loop with customers and colleagues when you're out of the office.

Vodafone Business Constant

For going online a lot

This plan's for you if you're often away from the office – and need a lot of UK-web access.

Vodafone Continental

For going online in the UK and Europe

Keep in touch with customers and colleagues if you're UK-based and work regularly in our Europe zone.

Vodafone World

For going online in the UK and worldwide

Get connected to your business if you travel a lot in the UK and countries in our Rest of World Zone.

Get online while on the move

Choose how to connect to the internet when you're out of the office.

Internet dongle

Dongles for laptops and netbooks

Want to send an email or simply browse the web? Pop one of our pocket-sized dongles into your laptop or netbook and get online.

Mobile WiFi Product

Create your own Wi-Fi hotspot

Want to get up to five people or devices online at once when you're on the road? Simply turn on your Mobile Wi-Fi device and you can - it's your own portable, secure Wi-Fi hotspot.

iPad 2nd generation black and white model

On your iPad

Get an iPad with one of our plans, or connect with one you already have, to our network with a SIM-only plan.