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How does it work?

  • General-Gain expert insight into your organisation General-Gain expert insight into your organisation

    Gain expert insight into your organisation

    Our 200-strong team of skilled consultants will work with you to identify areas of improvement for your mobile workforce. They can advise on anything from solution design and implementation to ongoing support.
  • General-Develop the right apps for the work you do General-Develop the right apps for the work you do

    Develop the right apps for the work you do

    We partner with leading developers to give you best-in-breed applications which fully mobilise your workforce – customised to fit perfectly with your organisation.
  • General-Protect your data and devices General-Protect your data and devices

    Protect your data and devices

    Once your solution’s in place, we’ll make sure you have the right level of secure access and data storage. So you’ll have peace of mind when your employees are accessing confidential information away from your premises.
  • General-Put the right devices in the hands of your people General-Put the right devices in the hands of your people

    Put the right devices in the hands of your people

    We’ll make sure your mobile workers are equipped with the right devices for the work they do. We offer everything from the latest smartphones and tablets to specialised laptops and PDAs – designed for life in the field.

Why you need effective mobile workers – the infographics

TWM infographic  
TWM infographic

Mobile workers now make up more than a third of the global workforce, and research shows that the performance of mobile employees is critical to the success of any organisation. Our infographics show how mobile working is evolving in both the public and private sectors, and how empowering and better connecting employees can improve their satisfaction and drive your future success.

Discover how TWM can help you be a Ready Business


Police forces

Frontline police officers need to be able to do more on the beat. The pressure is on to increase productivity – and to improve public confidence.

TWM offers a secure mobile solution to help police fulfil these goals. Backed by leaders across the UK, putting a smart device in officers’ hands can improve crime scene processes, reduce paperwork and cut costs.

General-Social care

Social care

The need to provide more care with fewer resources means that pressure continues to mount on social care workers.

TWM can help by supporting the efficiency of your social workers. With a smart device, your carers can have access to real-time information wherever they are. They can access and update records securely, reducing paperwork and the time spent filing it – and make better, more informed decisions there and then.

General-Social care


Healthcare workers need to be more mobile to help some of the most vulnerable patients who simply can’t get to a hospital or GP. But improving the care for these patients in the face of budget cuts creates conflicting demands.

TWM can help your nurses and other healthcare workers do more for out-patients. Smart devices enable secure, remote access to patient records while improving decision-making and improving quality of care. Paperwork can be reduced, while unique solutions like our Digital Pen combine new technology with traditional records when paper copies are still needed.

Ambulance services

If you work in the ambulance services, cutting the time it takes to respond to an emergency is key. But we understand that these efforts can often be held back by your admin commitments.

TWM helps your ambulance workers to offer improved decision-making, and to reassure victims and patients with access to back office systems when it matters most.



The logistics industry is not shy of competition, so keeping your drivers, control centre and customers up to speed with delivery information is key to help stay ahead of the pack.

TWM can make your logistics teams more efficient with mobile communications. They’ll have more delivery information at their fingertips, improving the experience for your customers.



Meeting with your engineers is often the only face-to-face interaction customers have with your business. So a service call-out can be a big moment of truth – the speed and effectiveness of how your engineers solve the problem will fuel your customers’ opinion of your organisation.

With TWM, your engineers can complete more jobs in less time – and get instant access to information on site. You'll also get a clear picture of their schedule, significantly cutting down admin time.



Your salespeople can be the most mobile engine in any business. You need to make sure they’re armed with the technology to keep them in the field negotiating and closing deals and driving the growth of your organisation, and not having to report back to the office.

TWM sets your sales teams free from time-consuming admin in the office, and gives them the information they need to balance reporting with closing sales on the move.

Professional services

Your professional service teams are crucial to providing competitive advantage for your organisation. After all, they give your customers the advice which makes them even more satisfied with your products and services.

TWM gives your professional services teams the freedom to dedicate more time to your customers, freeing them from the time-consuming admin or inflexible processes that tie them to the office.


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Give us a call and find out what we can do to help your business reach its full potential.
Calls cost 2p per minute plus your phone company's access charge.

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