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A new line connection fee of £50 (exc. VAT) may apply. All prices exclude VAT.

* Acceptable usage policy applies

** For more details, please see the Vodafone Business Broadband and Phone Price Plan Guide under ‘Useful resources'.


Features and extras

  • General-Truly unlimited broadband General-Truly unlimited broadband

    Truly unlimited broadband

    Download, share and stream without the worry of unexpected costs. With no usage cap, you’ll have complete freedom to use data, making you more productive and helping you meet business requirements (subject to acceptable use policy).

  • General-Smart router and app General-Smart router and app

    Smart router and app

    With Beamforming Technology, you can improve the signal from the router to a chosen device – or use Boost to focus it for a specific period, ideal for downloading important data or video-conferencing. And it’s all controlled by our free app, which also lets you set up Guest Wi-Fi networks, too.

  • General-A secure connection General-A secure connection

    A secure connection

    Our Content Control solution lets you to choose the websites you trust and block the ones you don’t, with options for predefined or personal profiles. You can also sign up to a three month free trial of F-Secure SAFE antivirus software, so you can keep your devices clean from malware and your business safe from harmful websites.
  • General-Static IP addresses General-Static IP addresses

    Static IP addresses

    You’ll get a single Static IP address included in your package, ideal for hosting your website or domain name server, email servers or even CCTV cameras, and to remotely access applications. We also offer multiple static IP addresses as a chargeable extra.


Anti-virus software from F-Secure
Anti-virus software from F-Secure

Download award-winning anti-virus software from F-Secure

F-Secure SAFE protects your business devices against hackers, viruses, spyware and other malware. And if your mobile is lost or stolen, it’ll help you find it, lock it and erase its contents remotely – keeping all your business data completely secure.

F-secure SAFE is free for the first three months as part of your Business Broadband Package. You can choose to protect up to 20 devices. After that, you’ll be offered a 12-month subscription at half price.

To register for F-secure SAFE choose how many devices you’d like to protect – 5, 10, 15 or 20 – and you’ll be taken to the F-secure site. Simply follow the instructions you find there.

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