Calling and messaging on our network

Get the right message at the right time

Want to send a message or share a video with friends? Find out how easy it is to do it on your phone.

And see how you can divert, hold and bar calls, or store messages to play back later – for those times when you can't answer.

Get messages on your phone

It's always the way. You've been waiting for a call all day, then two come at once. Don’t worry – voicemail will take a message and play it back to you whenever you want.

  • Add your own personal greeting
  • Choose to be alerted to new messages by a phone call or text message
  • Listen to your voicemail messages any time by calling 121

What does it cost?

If your bundle comes with inclusive minutes, then your calls to 121 will come out of these. If you don't get inclusive minutes – or you've used them all – you'll just pay your standard bundle rate.

Diverting and barring calls

Call diverting

Direct incoming calls to another number. It’s ideal if you want a friend or colleague to take your calls without actually giving them your mobile.

Call barring

You can stop certain calls (like international calls) being made to or from your mobile phone. So it can help you limit your own spending – or stop someone misusing your phone.

Call holding and call waiting

It’s easy to juggle more than one phone call with call holding and call waiting features.

If you're already mid-conversation, call holding allows you to put one caller on hold while you make or receive another call. And call waiting uses a soft dual-tone bleep to let you know when another caller is trying to contact you.

Share your photos

Whether you're out on the town or sitting on the beach, some moments just need to be shared. With Vodafone picture messaging, you can take a photo, add text or sound and send it from your mobile phone – right there and then.

It’s just like texting, only more fun.

Send and receive texts

From making arrangements, to just saying hello, text messaging is a fast, convenient way to keep in touch.

Share the full experience

If you're having fun, why not let your mates see what they're missing? Don't just send a text or picture message – record a video clip and share the full experience with them.

You can record up to 30 seconds of video on your phone and then send it as part of a message to any mobile or email address.

Can’t get pictures on your phone?

Don’t worry if your phone can’t receive picture or video messages. With Get my photo, you’ll be able to see them online.

Pay as you go value

SIM card and microSIM

Order a free SIM with a Vodafone Freebee – and enjoy more minutes, texts or internet for your money.

Chat for longer

Woman reading from tablet
Get unlimited calls between you and three others. One of you pays £5 a month – and the rest won’t pay a penny.