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Pay monthly

Our Pay monthly plans are ideal if you use your phone regularly. Take your pick from a huge range of phones and simple price plans that give you brilliant value on UK minutes, texts and internet.

Three months’ unlimited internet

With Vodafone Data Test Drive you can go online as much you want for three months – so you’ll know which internet plan is right for you.

Red plans

Enjoy all the benefits of Vodafone 5 Star Care - when you get a Red Pay monthly plan – giving you extra peace of mind. Why not go for a Red 4G plan? Double our standard UK data, and faster speeds when Vodafone 4G comes to your area.

Upgrade your phone early

Join us on a Red plan and upgrade your phone or plan at least 60 days early before your contract ends - or 30 days early on other plans. Already with us? See if you can upgrade now

Love the hottest phones but not the price tag?

With Vodafone Red Hot you’ll get the hottest smartphone every year - unlimited calls, texts and loads of internet with little or no upfront costs.

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Pay as you go

Want flexibility and no tie-in? With Pay as you go, you only pay for the calls you make, texts you send and time you spend online, so it’s easy to control your costs.

Make your credit go further

Buy or opt in to a Vodafone Freebee to get extra minutes, texts, internet or international calls when you top up.

Top up to earn great Rewardz

Get Vodafone Freebee Rewardz Pointz every time you top up £5 or more. Then spend them on instant Rewardz, or save for something bigger – like a shiny new smartphone or camera.

Give someone a buzz

Low on credit? With Vodafone Buzz Back you can send your friend a free text, asking them to call you.

Benefits for everyone

Whether you choose to join us on Pay monthly or Pay as you go, there are lots of benefits for you to enjoy.

Offers from brands you love

Would you like the latest news and money-saving offers from your favourite brands sent straight to your phone – for free? If the answer’s yes, you’ll love Vodafone Select.

Move your stuff easily

We're all about making your life simpler. So when switching from your old phone to a new one, let your nearest store staff move your contacts and other stuff (depending on what type of phone you currently have) using Vodafone RED Box.

We'll fix your device remotely

Vodafone HelpLogin makes it quicker for our Support team to sort out any technical issues you may have – by letting them share temporary control of your mobile or tablet.

Friendly help and advice

Got a problem with your device? Our highly trained Tech Team can help – online, in store, on the phone, or even remotely.

Right message, right time

Send and receive texts, photos and videos. Plus, see how to hold, divert and bar calls – and store your messages to play back later.

Phone need charging?

Don’t worry if you run out of phone battery when you’re out and about in London. You can recharge it in one of our Vodafone branded taxis – there are over a thousand of them.

Save money with us

Pay less for calls in the UK and abroad. And pick extras to save on the things you do most.

Our latest offers

Take advantage of our great-value deals on Pay monthly and Pay as you go.

Keep your number

Moving to our network? It’s quick and easy to bring your number with you.