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Keep the content on your devices safe and secure for you to access any time you need. You can upload, download and access your photos, videos, music and other files from your Android™, Windows Phone 8, iPhone, tablet or computer. With Vodafone Cloud, you get:

  • Automatic or manual back up of your files
  • Control what content you want to back up
  • Share photos and videos on Facebook or email
  • Back up with Wi-Fi or mobile network connection

When you sign up to Vodafone Cloud you'll automatically get 5GB storage for free. If you need more space, take a look at some of the other options we have in the table below.

Check out our video that shows you how to set up Vodafone Cloud

Additional features & benefits

Vodafone Cloud BackUp and Restore

Backup files

Automatic or manual backup of your files

Vodafone Cloud Control Automatic Updates

Control your backup files

Control what content you want to automatically backup

Share Images and Videos icon

Share pictures and videos

Share photos and videos via Facebook or email

Vodafone Cloud Mobile Or Wifi BackUp

Backup choice

Choose whether to backup over Wi-Fi or mobile network

Vodafone Cloud Peace of Mind

Peace of mind

Keep all your photos, videos, music and more, safe and sound

How do I get it?

Vodafone Cloud Google Play


Get the app from Google Play

Vodafone Cloud iPhone App Store


Get the app from App Store

Vodafone Cloud Windows Phone 8

Windows Phone 8

Get the app from Windows Marketplace

Download PC Client icon


Download Windows from your computer [EXE: 12.3MB].

Cloud login icon

Log in

Sign in to Vodafone Cloud

How much will it cost?

If you upload content to the Cloud over the mobile network it’s charged at standard network rates. We recommend doing your first back up over Wi-Fi as you may have lots of photos and videos stored on your smartphone that need uploading to the Cloud.

Vodafone Cloud costs for 5GB, 15GB, 25GB and 50GB storage options
  Android/Windows iPhone
5GB Free Free
15GB (total) £2 a month -
25GB (total) £4 a month -

If you’re running out of space you can always upgrade your Vodafone Cloud account.

  • iPhone and Android - you can upgrade in the app by choosing 'settings' then 'Upgrade my plan'
  • Windows Phone 8 - you can upgrade in the app by clicking on the usage indicator
  • Online Cloud - log in and select the upgrade button
  • PC or Mac client - right click on the system tray cloud icon and select ‘upgrade’