Calling abroad from the UK? Do it for less

Call abroad now and again?

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If you don't call abroad that much, you'll just pay our standard international charges:

  • European countries – £1 a minute
  • Channel Islands and Isle of Man – 36p a minute
  • Rest of the world – £1.50 a minute
  • International texts – 30p each for Pay monthly customers
  • International texts – 24p each for Pay as you go customers

Call abroad a lot?

Don't let distance get in the way of a good gossip. Choose one of our great-value options – and pay less to share those important moments with friends and family abroad.

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Pay as little as 5p a minute

Sit back and chat to friends worldwide, without worrying about the cost. With Vodafone International, you’ll pay as little as 5p a minute to call landline and mobile numbers abroad from the UK.

Pay monthly

Opt in and out of Vodafone International whenever you like for just £5 a month, and save up to 97% on calls. Just call 36888 free from your Vodafone mobile.

Pay as you go

Call anywhere in the world from just 5p a minute. Text INTERNATIONAL to 2345 or call 36888 to opt in.

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Buy a Pay monthly bundle

Regularly call numbers abroad each month? Our international call bundles could save you a packet.

Just choose the one that suits the way you chat – and you’ll pay:

  • £10 a month for 75 international minutes
  • £15 a month for 125 international minutes
  • £20 a month for 200 international minutes

Ready to buy?

Give our customer services a call or pop into your nearest Vodafone store.