Travelling abroad?

Make the most of your phone while you’re away

Pay monthly

Take a look at the options for the country you’re travelling in.

Pay as you go

Find out more about prices for the country you’re travelling in.

Helpful hints and tips

Getting set up

Some phones are automatically barred from working abroad. We do this for your security – to stop anyone who isn't authorised to use your phone from using it overseas, where rates are higher. If you'll be using your phone abroad and want to make sure it'll work, please contact Customer Services.

Getting your voicemail

Listening to voicemail while you're away is easy – but you'll need to set up a security code before you go. Just call 121, then choose 4, then 2. You'll pay your standard rate for calling the UK when you access your voicemail while abroad.

Finding out costs

To see how much it'll cost to make and receive calls and texts from the country you're visiting, just call 4636 from your Vodafone phone (it's free, even when you're abroad). If you want some more information about costs, go to:

On Pay as you go?

Woman holding phone

Take UK prices with you and call home for less from over 35 countries – including Australia and New Zealand. You can text back to the UK for just 8p a text.

On Pay monthly?

Vodafone EuroTraveller

Worry not. For just an extra £3 a day, you can use your UK minutes, texts and internet in our Europe zone. And you'll only pay for the days you use your phone.