Share and experience more when you make calls

Vodafone Call+

See what you can do in a single call

Watch our video and see how you’ll be able to share and experience more with your friends and family – all in a single call.

Vodafone Call+ is an app for your phone that lets you share more than just words. Enjoy a more interactive and personal call by adding content on the go. You can:

  • Mark your calls as important and type the reason for a call
  • Personalise calls by adding your location or a photo
  • Share messages, photos or videos – or switch to video chat during a call

What else can it do?

Before the call

Prioritise calls – and personalise them with a location, favourite images and a subject. This will be sent to the person you want to call.

During the call

Switch to a video call and share photos or your videos while you speak. Friends with Call + can also switch to the same map or even sketch on it together with you.

After the call

You’ll have a record of everything you’ve shared in a call log. If a call isn’t answered, you’ll get a text or voice message telling you when the person you called is free to chat.

How do I get it?

Get the app on Google Play


Get the app on Google Play

Get the app from the App Store


Get the app from the App Store

Sony and Samsung

The app comes pre-installed on the following Sony and Samsung phones: Sony Xperia Z3, Z3c, Z5, Z5c, Samsung Galaxy S6, Samsung Galaxy S6 edge. So you can use it immediately on these phones.

Want to know more?

Frequently asked questions about Vodafone Call+


What about your messages?

You might also be interested in Vodafone Message+, which you get included with the Vodafone Call+ app. Text friends, start a chat or group conversation – and get all your replies in the same place.