Vodafone NetPerform

Vodafone NetPerform

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No alarms and no surprises – this app helps you keep on top of spending by monitoring your data and Wi-Fi usage.

You’ll be able to see how much data you use, no matter what apps you’ve downloaded or how you’re using Wi-Fi.

You can also check your connectivity at a glance and help us improve our network – by collecting this data anonymously we can see how well our network is working. This means it’ll show us where and how it can be improved.

And the app is free to use and download.

How does it help you keep track of your usage? You can:

  • See how much data your apps are using and which ones use the most
  • Monitor how much data you use on the network and on Wi-Fi
  • Track your network coverage and internet connection

How do you get it?

You can download the app with Vodafone Updates which is pre-installed on your device. Look out for it on Google Play soon.