Vodafone Wallet

What is Vodafone Wallet?

Vodafone Wallet is a digital version of your real wallet. You can store all your payment cards securely in an app, letting you use your smartphone to pay safely.

Vodafone SmartPass is the first digital card that you can add. It lets you pay for anything under £30 by tapping your smartphone anywhere you see the contactless symbol.

Vodafone Loyalty Cards converts your loyalty cards to a digital format and stores them in your Vodafone Wallet – so you can collect loyalty points through your phone.

As we continue to launch new services for Wallet, you’ll soon be able to add other payment cards, vouchers, tickets and more.

Why get Vodafone Wallet?

  • Top up your account on the go with a debit or credit card
  • Make secure payments with your phone
  • Pay anywhere you see the Visa and contactless symbols
  • Instantly add funds on the go with no need to find an ATM

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How does it work?

Vodafone Wallet is available to Pay monthly and Pay as you go customers. If you have a compatible NFC mobile device you’ll be offered a new NFC-compatible SIM card as part of a phased rollout. To get an NFC SIM to use with your Wallet, just pop into your nearest Vodafone store

After you’ve downloaded your app, you can use it to set up a Vodafone SmartPass account. SmartPass is the first digital card you can add to your Vodafone Wallet. As well as paying for anything under £30 with your smartphone, it enables you to check your balance or instantly add cash on the go.

In the future, you’ll be able to add new cards to your Wallet app when they become available.