Vodafone Loyalty Cards

  • Store all your loyalty cards on your phone
  • Collect loyalty points by scanning the barcode on your phone screen, or entering the barcode number
  • Find the right card, quickly and easily – no more fumbling through all your cards
  • Simple, secure and convenient

Read the full terms and conditions for Vodafone Loyalty Cards.

How does it work?

1. If you’re not a Vodafone Wallet user yet, download the Vodafone Wallet app from Google Play. If you’re already using it, just log in to Wallet.
2. Choose Add Card
3. Download Loyalty Cards
4. Add each loyalty card by scrolling down the list, or entering its name in the search bar
5. To upload the card, scan its barcode using your camera, or enter the barcode or card number
6. Your loyalty card will now be uploaded and ready to use