Vodafone SmartPass

What is SmartPass?

Vodafone SmartPass lets you pay for anything under £30 with your smartphone. There's no need to rummage around for cash or cards. We've teamed up with Visa to make it one of the most secure ways to pay. Simply tap your phone anywhere you see the contactless symbol and away you go. You can also use the app to check your balance on the go or instantly add more cash.

Why get Vodafone SmartPass?

  • Make secure payments using your phone’s contactless SIM, anywhere you see the Visa and contactless symbols. Pick up your contactless SIM from your nearest store today.
  • Instantly add funds or top up your account on the go with a debit or credit card – no need to find an ATM.
  • Auto-top up lets you automatically top up your account when it falls below your specified low balance.
  • Quickly and securely transfer money to other SmartPass users.
  • Even when your phone battery is flat, you can still make secure contactless payments.

Read the full Vodafone SmartPass terms and conditions

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How does it work?

Check your balance or instantly add funds on the go so you’re ready for whatever the day throws at you.

How to get started?

First, you'll need a contactless SIM for your phone. Just pop into one of our stores and we’ll quickly set you up ready to enjoy the benefits of secure payments.

Once your new SIM is installed, download Vodafone Wallet from Google Play in order to set-up your SmartPass account.

Vodafone Wallet is an app that lets you store digital versions of your payment, loyalty and travel cards in one place.

Watch our video to find out more.

In addition to SmartPass, you can  add your loyalty cards to your Vodafone Wallet to collect rewards and points so you don’t have to carry plastic cards around any more. To do this, download the loyalty cards add-on from Google Play using your Android phone (the link doesn’t work on desktop).

Set up a SmartPass account

Use the Wallet app to set up your SmartPass account.

SmartPass Companion Card

You can use SmartPass even in shops that don’t accept contactless payments, by using a SmartPass Companion Card. We’ll send you your complimentary Companion Card once you’ve set up your SmartPass account. You’ll receive it in the post within five working days.

Activate your Companion Card using the SmartPass app or the Account Management Portal before you use it for the first time.