Protect your Pay monthly phone or tablet with Vodafone Covered

Phone and tablet insurance

We've all had our share of bumps, breakages and near misses. So it's good to know that Vodafone Covered is there to pick up the pieces and get you back on track.

Every year, there are 4.5 million phones reported lost or stolen*. And with the average user checking their phone 150 times a day**, that's a lot of missed connections.

With our simple, straightforward cover, you can travel, celebrate and share without the worry. Vodafone Covered protects you with:

  • Comprehensive worldwide cover against loss, theft and damage
  • Worldwide accidental damage cover for 30 days at a time

With Vodafone Covered, you're never far away from getting back in touch with the people that matter most.

*Assurant Solutions, YouGov, 2014
**PC Mag, 2013

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