Find out how much internet you're using

How we work it out (based on average internet use)

1GB = 1024MB
1MB = 1024KB

  • One minute of streaming video: 3.75MB

  • One minute of streaming music: 720KB (normal quality – 96kbps)
  • One social media post: 350KB (we're assuming you have a photo or link within the post)

  • One web page browsed / app checked: 1MB

  • One email read or sent: 70KB (this is worked on an assumption ¼ of emails have attachments and ¾ don't)

Mobile phones

mobile phones image
Choose a smartphone and bundle so you can browse the web, email, watch films, play games and go on your social network sites.

iPad and tablets

iPad and tablets
Whether you're online a lot or just browse the web now and again, we've got an iPad or tablet plan that's made for you.