Vodafone Secure Net

Keeping you and your family safe online

Vodafone Secure Net is a simple way for you and your family to stay safe on our even bigger and better network, while you’re using your Vodafone connected devices.

In just a couple of clicks you can stop worrying about dangerous files, viruses or harmful websites. You can even keep an eye on your children’s browsing - making sure they’re safe and even restricting access when they should be asleep or doing homework.

How it works

Try Secure Net free for 3 months – and keep it for just £1 per month thereafter

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    As soon as Secure Net is activated, you’ll be protected on our mobile network against viruses, malware and phishing sites. You can get a text message whenever a security threat has been detected and stopped, so if you come across a site that isn’t what it seems, you’ll instantly know, and stay safe and secure.

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    All our customers can try Secure Net for a 3-month free trial. You can set it up to see how many threats we’ve stopped, then decide whether you want to keep the service. It’s just £1 per month for each device you want to protect – there are no commitments and you can cancel any time you choose.

Note: Secure Net doesn’t work over non-Vodafone mobile connections such as Wi-Fi.

Now you’re protected

Your online devices open up a world of possibilities for you, but they also bring threats and risks. Vodafone Secure Net is a unique service that protects you simply and safely on all your Vodafone connected devices.

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    Simple to use

    One person can control everything, from one place – on our network via all your connected devices. What’s more, there’s no need to download any apps or software.

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    Keeps the whole family safe

    Secure Net protects you and your family against viruses, dangerous files and harmful websites. It stops online threats before they get anywhere near your device - and sends you a text message every time it stops a potential threat.

Key features

Take a look at the key features which will keep you and your family safe online:

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    Everyone is protected

    The whole family will be protected against harmful websites and viruses that can damage mobile data and devices, steal data and destroy your precious videos, pictures and personal details.

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    Anti-virus and anti-malware

    This protects all your devices from files that can infect your data, charge you for premium rate text messages and other harmful actions. As soon as anything is detected the anti-virus and anti-malware will block it and Secure Net will send you a text to notify you.

  • Features Features

    Anti-phishing and protection against harmful websites

    This will protect the whole family from SPAM, malicious websites, email messages and instant messages that are used to trick you into divulging sensitive information, such as bank and credit card accounts. Once again, you’ll be notified by text every time something has been blocked.

  • Features Features

    Check that you’re secure, at a quick glance

    Once Secure Net is activated on our devices, you’ll see an icon at the top right of your browser. This means you’re protected. Any time you want to view or change your settings, simply click on the icon. And if you don’t want to see the icon, you can hide it by going to the settings page.

Content controls

Personalise your browsing experience for you and the whole family.

  • Content controls Content controls

    Block and unblock what you want

    Cut out unnecessary noise when you’re online. There are 9 blocking categories to choose from such as Adult, Violence & Gambling. And whatever you choose, you have the freedom to change the settings at any time – all from your browser.

  • Content controls Content controls

    Keep your children safe online

    The internet can be a scary place for parents. That’s why we’ve made Secure Net easy for you to set up your children’s browsing experience. Block inappropriate content from the listed categories and give your kids a safe place to explore, learn and play online.

  • Content controls Content controls

    Family time

    You can remotely control your children’s devices, restricting their browsing as and when you choose. Set up restricted hours each day or just switch off their internet at times when they should be sleeping or doing homework. That way, you’ll all get some quality time away from apps, the internet and social media.