Improve your 3G signal at home with Vodafone Sure Signal

Vodafone Sure Signal

What is it?

Vodafone Sure Signal creates a 3G signal - ideal if you live in a rural location or basement flat where it can be difficult to get mobile reception.

Up to eight people can make calls at the same time. Perfect if you have a large family, or a small office. In total, you can register up to 32 Vodafone numbers to use your Sure Signal.

What do I need?

Are you ready to buy a Sure Signal? Before you get started you’ll need to make sure you have the following:

3G Icon A Vodafone mobile or a voice-enabled tablet or dongle connected to our 3G network 

3G IconTool tipFixed-line home broadband with a minimum upload and download speed of 1Mbps

Buy your Sure Signal

  • Creates a 3G signal in your home or home office
  • It plugs in, so it doesn't take up space
  • Use up to eight phones at the same time

One-off cost of £100

Help and support

Got a question?

Sure Signal FAQs

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Sure Signal FAQs.

Need some help?

Sure Signal eForum

For troubleshooting queries, head over to our
Sure Signal eForum where our dedicated Tech
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