What makes ours a great network?

What makes ours a great network?

We focused on building a network that gives you a strong signal both indoors and out. In fact, we’ve been building our network year after year since making the first mobile call in the UK way back in 1985 – and staying at the forefront of innovation.

Vodafone is:

  • Unbeatable at connecting your calls
  • Unbeatable for keeping your calls connected
  • Providing unbeatable indoor and outdoor coverage on 4G
  • Unbeatable indoor and outdoor coverage on 4G in London
  • Improving call quality by offering new, crystal-clear HD calls for customers on the latest smartphones

Note: Call performance measured across 26 towns and cities in 2014 by Vodafone Group using Vodafone International methodology. 4G coverage is assessed independently by LCC from December 2013 to August 2014. Top parity in 14 of 16 cities and towns measured against all competitors with 4G coverage in that area. Signal thresholds for indoor and outdoor coverage defined by Vodafone based on international standards. Coverage may vary.

A network you can rely on

We’re committed to giving you high-speed internet wherever you are, providing unbeatable 4G coverage both indoors and out. We’ve got our own fibre backbone and invest substantially across our network – that means investing more than £1billion in 2014 alone – and that’s not just in 4G but in 3G too (or HSPA+, as it’s sometimes called).

Our low U900 frequency travels further and is also better at penetrating walls, so is designed to bring you great coverage indoors as well as out. At the other end of the spectrum, our high-frequency signal gives plenty of capacity, so as more and more people discover how fast 4G is, our network won’t get clogged up nor slow down like others will.

Whether you are in Liverpool or London, Edinburgh, Glasgow or Manchester, Newcastle or Nottingham, you’ll have unbeatable 4G coverage with Vodafone.

A network built for both data and call performance

We’re determined to offer you and your smartphone the best data performance, but rest assured, we’re just as dedicated to calls.

No other network connects your calls better or keeps you better connected.

We've won more spectrum at auction than anyone else, and we're going to use it for our ultrafast network - Vodafone 4G. Also, we're building a low frequency 800Mhz network, which means we're going to offer 98% indoor coverage in the UK. We can commit to doing this in the next few years because our 4G will travel further indoors than our signal ever has before, as well as being unbeatable outdoors.

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We're really proud of our network's performance, but we know our signal can sometimes dip or slow down. Chances are, we know all about it and we're already on the case to fix it.

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