What makes ours a great network?

We're committed to giving you a network you can depend on

We focus on giving you a strong signal both indoors and outdoors – unlike some operators who concentrate on spreading their signal over the widest area. We've been building our network for over 25 years – so we're at the forefront of innovation.

A network you can rely on

We're committed to giving you high speed internet wherever you are. We've got our own fibre network and invest a lot, not just in 4G but in 3G or HSPA+, as it's sometimes referred to. Our low U900 frequency means that the 3G signal travels further than ever before. So downloading or streaming on your mobile device will be quick, whether you're indoors, in a city or living remotely in the countryside.

Not all 4G is the same. We own the most spectrum. We've got low frequency so you can get online ultrafast indoors. And our high frequency spectrum gives plenty of capacity so lots of people can get the most from the internet at the same time.

Since we own our own fibre network, we're in control. So we're not relying on anyone else to fix it when something goes wrong. We can control our quality of service like no one else. And we've won awards too. We're proud of our network and we're constantly striving to make it better.

We've won more spectrum at auction than anyone else, and we're going to use it for our ultrafast network - Vodafone 4G. We're building a low frequency 800Mhz network, this means we're going to offer 98% indoor coverage in the UK – we can commit to doing this in the next few years because our 4G will travel further indoors than our signal ever has before.

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We're really proud of our network's performance, but we know our signal can sometimes dip or slow down. Chances are, we know all about it and we're already on the case to fix it.

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