Our environment

Our environment

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The environment

Looking after the environment makes sense to our customers and it makes sense to us. We’re always looking for ways to reduce the carbon footprint of our network, retail stores, offices and contact centres. It makes sound economic sense, too. And with our technology, we can help our customers do the same.

ISO14001 certification

We recognise that, while our products and services enable society to become more sustainable (e.g. reducing travel through video-conferencing), like all companies we also have a negative impact on the environment. Vodafone’s environmental management system is certified to the international environmental management standard ISO14001. This means that we are committed to high standards of environmental management and that we have to prove that we are actively managing the impacts that we have on the environment.

We have an Environment Policy which is available on request (HSE.Helpline@vodafone.com). This demonstrates our commitment to prevent pollution, comply with all relevant environmental legislation and continually improve our environmental performance.

Environment Ambassadors and campaigns

It is important that our employees are involved with making Vodafone a more sustainable place to work. To enable this we have set up a network of over 70 Environment Ambassadors. Our Ambassadors help to create campaigns and raise awareness. They also implement initiatives at different sites across the country to contribute to our targets and promote sustainability issues.

We run a number of sustainability events each year. To promote green travel in June we sponsored employees to cycle or walk to and from work for a week. The week was a great success with over 4000 miles travelled, raising £1500 for charity and colleagues reporting they had made permanent changes to their commuting habits. We used the week to publicise our employee car share matching service where employees can find colleagues who live near to them in order to share their journey to work.

We have also run recycling and printing campaigns to reduce the amount of waste that is sent to landfill. Sometimes it’s the small things that make a difference like simplifying the labels on our bins so it’s clear what can be recycled and what goes into general waste.

We realise that we depend on support from our suppliers and other 3rd parties to improve sustainability in Vodafone. We have held a sustainability event at our HQ in Newbury supported by our customers, suppliers and other third parties. Various companies provided stands including: British Gas promoting energy efficiency; Liftshare encouraging employees to sign up to our car-sharing scheme; Halfords promoting the Cycle to Work offering; West Berkshire council providing tips to avoid food waste; and Global Action Plan brought their Energy Bike - a fantastic visual way to demonstrate the amount of energy used by every-day items such as light bulbs and laptops.

We work closely with our catering contractors to improve sustainability. We have introduced Keep Cups in all our coffee shops, which in the first couple of months saved 4113 paper cups from going to waste, which equates to 12kg plastic saved and 1.7 mature trees saved. To encourage take-up, employees benefit from a discount each time they use their Keep Cup. 

Our commitments

Vodafone is committed to continual improvement to reduce our impact on the environment. We have set some challenging medium term objectives. These are supported by more detailed annual action plans and targets which are available on request from hse.helpline@vodafone.com

Overall Objective

75% of employees to feel that they are engaged with environmental issues at work by April 2020

Help our customers to reduce carbon emissions by twice the amount of carbon we generate through our own activities by March 2018

Reduce direct consumption of natural resources and divert 100% of waste from landfill by end of 2020

Fully embed Vodafone’s environmental standards throughout our supply chain