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A welcome from Vodafone UK

Welcome to Our responsibilities – the Vodafone UK online corporate responsibility report.

The aim of our report is to give you a feel for how we do business. Working in an ethical way is not a bolt-on, not something fluffy we do after the real business of the day is done – it's at the heart of everything we do, and every decision we take.

We've grown from zero to 19 million customers in 27 years – a phenomenal success story – and with that growth comes real responsibility. The responsibility to act with integrity, and to be a company that customers trust and employees want to work for.

Who we are and what we do

Whether it's protecting our customers' privacy, reducing our carbon footprint, or talking to people about a mast in their community – how we do business matters, and it matters to every single employee.

Vodafone UK is part of Vodafone Group - one of the world's leading mobile communications companies providing voice, text and internet services in more than 30 countries, and in partnership with other mobile networks in 40 more. Across the world, Vodafone employs more than 86,400 people with 404 million customers. We have more than 19 million customers in the UK.

Vodafone is the only British network operator. We carried the first ever mobile phone call on 1 January 1985 from our Newbury offices. Still based in Newbury, we now employ more than 8000 people in the UK, with contact centres in Stoke and Newark and more than 350 stores across the UK.

Revenue for Vodafone UK for the financial year ending 31 March 2012 was £5,397 million. We contribute more than £700 million to the economy every year – the equivalent of paying for 34,000 nurses or 32,000 teachers.

Over the last decade we've been one of the country's largest contributors, putting more than £10 billion into the public purse.

To find out more about our history, take a look at Vodafone Social – the official Vodafone UK blog.