Protecting our customers

We work hard to keep children safe and data secure

Child with headphones on mobile phone

There are more than 83 million active mobile subscriptions in the UK, according to Ofcom’s Market Report (2014). The same report says that 61% of UK adults now own a smartphone and 44% of households have access to a tablet.

Being able to stay in touch has become an essential part of how we live, both as individuals and as a vital tool for the business community. It’s no longer simply a question of chatting to friends, family and colleagues – we use our mobile devices to work, research, do homework, use central and local government services, pay bills and buy groceries. We value these services but we’re also aware that they come with risks and responsibilities.

As a mobile operator, it’s our responsibility to make sure all our customers have the information and tools they need to use these mobile services safely and securely.

Our three priorities are:

  • Helping parents keep children safe online
  • Keeping customers’ personal data secure
  • Providing information on the siting of masts and to respond to concerns about health