Save up to 15% when you share data with Red+

One shared data allowance for the whole family

Red+ gives you one data allowance to share between your family’s smartphones and tablets. You can even cap your kid’s data so they can’t go over their limit. You’ll get one simple bill for all the devices, saving you money compared with separate accounts, and you’ll get unlimited UK calls and texts, too.

How can I get Red+?

Red+ isn't available online at present.

 Call 08080 408 408

Or call 191 free from your Vodafone mobile (lines open 8am - 8pm, seven days a week).

How does Red+ work?

Choose a leader and your data allowance

First decide who's going to be the group leader. You'll need to have a Red Bundle, Red Value Bundle or a Red SIM only bundle with between 1GB and 25GB of UK data. You’ll share this monthly data allowance with your group but if the group reaches its limit early, we’ll restrict data usage to ensure you don’t receive any unexpected charges. If you need it, you can always buy more data by text. You can add up to nine people or devices to your group.

Choose a Red+ bundle

Next, choose the bundles for the sharers you want in your group. Group members can have bundles for smartphones, tablets, Mobile broadband or SIM only.

Type Length Pricing
Phone and bundle   24 months From £16 a month (unlimited UK minutes and texts)
SIM only  12 months From £14 a month (unlimited UK minutes and texts) 
Tablet and bundle 24 months From £18 a month
Data SIM only 12 months From £8 a month

Set a data limit for each member

You can allocate and cap individual data allowances to each group member. They can't use any more data unless you increase their allowance. So you won't get any out-of-bundle data charges. Choose from 500MB, 1GB, 2GB, 4GB or uncapped. We recommend 2GB for each member and device.

Start sharing

Each member can check how much data they've used by texting DATA BALANCE to 40506.

What Red+ gives you

  • One simple bill avoid the hassle of separate bills, with everyone on a single data bundle
  • Cap data use – with capped data use on each device you won’t have to worry about surprise charges when your bill arrives
  • Save money – include up to nine family members or devices and pay less than you would individually
  • Easy setup – just pop in to your nearest store or give us a call

If you still have any questions, check our support pages or read our full terms and conditions

How much data do I need?

Not sure how much data you'll need each month? Find out by checking our handy data calculator.