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One shared data allowance for the whole family

With Red+ you can share your data with members of your family or between your smartphone and tablet, saving you up to 15% on each additional bundle or device. As the Leader, you choose how much data each Sharer gets, and can even cap your total allowance – so there’s no more overspending. Red+ also gives everyone unlimited UK calls and texts. What could be simpler?

How does Red+ work, and how much can I save?

Choose your Leader bundle

To be the Leader, you’ll need a Red plan or bundle with at least 1GB of UK data to share. If you don’t have one of these, visit our online shop

Choose your Sharers

Decide what other devices and bundles you’d like to share your data with.

Add Red+

Just get in touch by phone, Live Chat or in store and we’ll get you set up. Red+ isn’t available to buy online at present.

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Why choose Red+?

Save money

Pay up to 15% less for each additional bundle or device with Red+

Unlimited UK minutes and texts

Everyone on Red+ gets unlimited UK minutes and texts, so you can all stay in touch, all the time

Stay in control

You decide how much data each family member or devices gets, and you can cap your total data use

One bill

Say goodbye to separate bills and hello to a single, simple experience