How would you like to top up?

It's quick and easy to get more credit

Top up online

Top up online

Top up a device online, 24 hours a day. There’s no need to register – just have a debit or credit card handy.

Buy a data pack

Buy data packs online

Buy a data pack for your tablet, iPad, dongle or mobile Wi-Fi device. It’s easy and hassle free.

Top up by text

Top up by text

You can top up your device by text whenever you need to. Just log in to My Vodafone and store your payment details with us.


Prefer to top up another way?

My Vodafone account

Just log in to your account or register, then click on the TopUp link. You can top up with your debit or credit card and store your card details securely, so it’s even quicker and easier next time. And you can set up a regular top up by Direct Debit with our Automatic TopUp service.

Top up by phone

Call 2345 for free from your Vodafone mobile. You’ll need your debit or credit card. And you can save your card details making it quicker next time you top up.

Top up by text

Top up by simply sending a text. All you need to do is register your payment details with us first, then follow these simple steps:

  • Type the word TOPUP in a new text message
  • Follow this with the value of the top up, which can be £10, £15, £20, £25 or £30 (for example, TOPUP 15)
  • Send the message free of charge to 2345 from a Vodafone mobile

Automatic TopUp

Set up a regular weekly, monthly or 30 day top up and we’ll add the credit to your account automatically. All you need to do is register your payment details with us first, then choose your top up amount and how often you want it to be applied.

Voucher TopUp

Buy a TopUp voucher from a Vodafone store or any of 90,000 shops across the UK – where you see the green TopUp logo. Then you can do any of the following;

  • Log in to My Vodafone then click Activate voucher under ‘TopUp and usage’
  • Call 2345 free from your Vodafone mobile and follow the instructions
  • Tap in *#1345* followed by your TopUp voucher number and then #. Here's an example *#1345*123456789123#

Swipe card TopUp

Pick up a TopUp swipe card for free from any Vodafone store. When you’ve got yours, here’s what you need to do:

  • First, link your swipe card to your phone by calling 2345 from your Vodafone mobile and follow the simple instructions
  • Now your swipe card’s linked, you can use it to top up in any shop with the green TopUp logo
  • Choose the amount you want to top up (from £5 to £50) and hand your swipe card to the retailer to add it to your phone
  • You can pay by cash or with a debit or credit card

At a cash machine

At a cash machine – buy credit at over 50,000 cash machines across the UK. You can top up a minimum of £10. Just look for the green TopUp logo. Insert your debit or credit card and follow the on-screen instructions. Your TopUp will be applied within 10 minutes.

You'll need:

  • Your debit or credit card
  • The phone number you want to top up

Top up while you're abroad

Top up online while you’re abroad or you can top up by any of the methods above before you go.

Talk more, spend less

Man walking down road looking at smartphone

Call the same few people a lot? Got friends abroad?

Whatever you do most, do it for less with our great-value extras.

Earn great Rewardz

Freebees character sat on bench

Get Pointz every time you top up £5 or more. Then spend them on instant Rewardz, or save up for something bigger – like a shiny new smartphone or camera.