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Choosing a smartphone

Smartphones are packed with the latest technology – they're like mini computers with a phone, MP3 player and camera in one. Trying to choose between Apple, Windows, BlackBerry® or Android™? Find out which operating system is for you.

MP3 player

Listen to your favourite tunes without having to take an MP3 player. You can also enjoy studio-quality sound – for example, with the Beats Audio™ technology built into some HTC smartphones.


It’s simple to download and play games on your smartphone. Some even come with a generous
4-inch screen (or larger), 3D graphics, stereo sound and a touch joystick.

Browsing the internet

Powerful dual-core and quad-core processors make web browsing on smartphones quick and easy (where connection speeds allow). Ideal for enjoying HD movies online.


Expect powerful built-in cameras (8-megapixel and above) with features like LED flash and auto-focus. So you can take pin-sharp photos – and sometimes HD video – even in poor light.


Lots of smartphones are GPS-enabled. That means it’s easy to download a SatNav app (if it’s not already pre-loaded) to get a pocket-sized SatNav system you can take with you wherever you go.


Choose from hundreds of thousands of apps – many of them free. They’re great for everything from social networking to managing your money, checking sports results and finding a restaurant.

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Staying in touch

Don’t miss out on the latest gossip from friends, family and colleagues. Get the latest chat and social networking apps.

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Enjoying entertainment

From the latest games and quizzes to horoscopes and movies – make boredom a thing of the past.

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