Internet costs on your phone

Going online on Pay monthly

Get more UK data with Vodafone Boost

Current allowance not enough? You can add an extra 2GB of data to your plan for just £10 a month with Vodafone Boost. 

How do I know if I’ve almost used up my data allowance?

Don’t worry – we’ll text you as you get near the end of your allowance. That way, there’ll be no surprises when your bill arrives.

Without Vodafone Boost

If you go over your data allowance, you'll be charged £6 automatically for another 250MB of UK data – and you'll be charged this amount for each 250MB after that.

How can I get Vodafone Boost?

Simply contact our Customer Services team or pop into your nearest Vodafone store

Going online on Pay as you go

Get Pay as you browse

Pay as you browse costs just £1 for a day – and you only pay on the days you want to browse.

  • No commitment
  • £1 for a day
  • Great for light use

Your £1 buys you 25MB – which is enough to watch a couple of YouTube clips, read up to 90 BBC News stories, and read and reply to around 100 emails.

How do I get Pay as you browse?

There's nothing to set up to enjoy Pay as you browse – it's already on your phone. Your £1 gets you a day’s use (a day runs from midnight to 11.59pm).

How will I know if I’ve nearly used up my daily allowance?

We'll text you with some options if it looks like you'll go over your 25MB daily internet limit. If you do go over, the charges are £1 for each 25MB.

Can I use it abroad?

Pay as you browse costs £1 in the UK. If you use your phone to go online while you’re abroad, you'll pay our standard roaming charges

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Find out what the coverage is like in your area - and see where your nearest Wi-Fi hotspots are. And see if 4G is in your area or when it'll arrive.

Going abroad?

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