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Enterprise price plan guide Vodafone WorldTraveller (from July 2014 to June 2015)

This Price Plan Guide applies to the Vodafone WorldTraveller price plan and is incorporated into the Commercial Terms between Vodafone and customer and, together with the General Terms and Mobile Service Terms, shall form the Agreement for the Vodafone WorldTraveller price plan.

Service details

Vodafone WorldTraveller is available to business customers on certain standard price plans only. In particular, it cannot be used with mobile broadband price plans, Business Sharer plans, non-standard business price plans (including public sector plans) or One Net Business plans.

Opting in

Customer may opt into Vodafone WorldTraveller at account level only.

Vodafone WorldTraveller may take up to 24 hours to be applied to or removed from customer’s account.

Using Vodafone WorldTraveller

Once opted in, customer’s voice-enabled connections will be able to use customer’s UK price plan (minutes, texts and data) in the WorldTraveller Zone for standard calls to the country the connection is roaming in and back to the UK only. A daily per connection charge of £5.00 (excluding VAT) will be applied automatically to customer’s bill each day a connection uses its phone within the WorldTraveller Zone (both for calls and texts to numbers within and outside the WorldTraveller Zone and for data).

Whilst in the WorldTraveller Zone each voice-enabled connection can use customer’s applicable UK price plan to call and text standard mobiles and standard landlines (excluding premium-rate, non-geographic numbers and revenue share numbers) within the UK. Calls or texts to countries outside of the UK and the country the connection is located in will be charged at Vodafone’s standard international rates and the daily charge will still apply.

Customer can use international add-ons with WorldTraveller while making calls or sending texts outside the WorldTraveller country they are roaming in unless Vodafone states otherwise. Customer shall also be able to use its standard email plans whilst in the WorldTraveller Zone.

When customer is travelling within the WorldTraveller Zone, customer’s allowance shall renew as usual each month. Whichever WorldTraveller Zone country a connection is in, Vodafone will count a day as 00:00 to 23:59 local time of the capital city the call is made from. If a connection travels to another country in the WorldTraveller Zone on the same day, the daily charge shall apply once for the day on which that connection uses its phone, provided that the connection does not cross into another charging day based on the local time of the capital city of the local country.

Please be aware

Customer accepts that by opting in to Vodafone WorldTraveller they will be opting out of the European 50 euro rest of the world monthly mobile data spend cap and any associated notifications whilst in the WorldTraveller Zone.

Please note that any extras (apart from standard UK email plans and international add-ons) are not available with Vodafone WorldTraveller. This includes any Data Test Drive promotions, and any free 3,000 UK One Net minutes and any additional free 3,000 landline minutes (if customer is taking One Net Express). Entertainment content on 4G plans will only be available in the UK.

The following number, text and call types are not included in the Vodafone WorldTraveller plan: premium rate, non-geographic and revenue share numbers, picture and video messages and calls made through a virtual private network (VPN) which are charged at Vodafone’s standard roaming rates.

If customer exceeds the applicable UK price plan allowance, customer will be charged at its contracted standard UK price plan rates for making calls, sending texts and using data as if the connection(s) were in the UK.

Customer acknowledges that opting into Vodafone WorldTraveller will automatically opt customer out of any other Rest of World roaming offers or roaming bundles within the WorldTraveller Zone, including Vodafone Data Traveller. If customer opts out of Vodafone WorldTraveller later, the rest of world roaming offers will resume.

For details on how to opt in, and to find out which countries are included in the WorldTraveller Zone, see vodafone.co.uk/worldtraveller. Remember to check these countries before the connections travel as they may change from time to time.

For Vodafone WorldTraveller plans, the first 50kb of data use per day (measured 00:00 to 23:59 local time of the capital city the call is made from) shall be free of charge, provided that the daily charge has not already been incurred by making a call or sending a text.

Updated July 2014