Terms and conditions

Vodafone WorldTraveller

Who can get Vodafone WorldTraveller?

  1. It’s available to Pay monthly customers only.
  2. The following terms and conditions are for personal Pay monthly customers. If you’re a business customer, go to vodafone.co.uk/workingabroad for more information and terms. Unfortunately, it can’t be used with non-standard business plans and the public sector.

How it works

  1. You’ll need to opt in to Vodafone WorldTraveller – unless you’re on a Red or Red Value Bundle and your agreement started after 5 May 2016 (see point 11).
  2. Once opted in, you’ll be able to use your UK minutes, text and data allowances when travelling in our WorldTraveller Zone. You’ll be able to use UK data packs as well. You can’t use any entertainment packs, Data Test Drive or extras with Vodafone WorldTraveller (with the exception of international add-ons and bundles) unless we tell you otherwise.
  3. For details on how to opt in, and to find out which countries are included, see vodafone.co.uk/worldtraveller. Remember to check the countries before you travel as they may change from time to time. When you opt in, Vodafone WorldTraveller may take up to 24 hours to be applied to your account.


  1. Once you’re opted in, the Vodafone WorldTraveller daily charge will be applied automatically to your bill when you use your phone or device within our WorldTraveller Zone. You can use your UK price plan allowances to call and text standard mobiles and landlines (excluding premium-rate and non-geographic numbers) within the UK and the country you’re roaming in within our WorldTraveller Zone.
  2. When travelling in our WorldTraveller Zone, if you make a call or send a text to a country outside the country you’re roaming in (excluding calls or texts back to the UK), you’ll be charged our standard international charges in addition to the Vodafone WorldTraveller daily charge; in addition you can use Vodafone International and international bundle allowances. For the latest charges, go to vodafone.co.uk/calling-abroad-from-the-uk
  3. If you exceed your UK price plan allowances, you’ll be charged at your standard UK price plan rate for making calls, sending texts and using data, as if you were in the UK. You can find more about these charges at vodafone.co.uk/pmcharges
  4. The Vodafone WorldTraveller daily charge is only applied on those days that you use your phone while in the WorldTraveller Zone. Whichever WorldTraveller Zone country you’re in, we’ll count a day as 00:00 to 23:59 local time for the capital city of the country you’re in. If you travel to another country in the WorldTraveller Zone on the same day, you’ll only be charged the daily charge once for that one day that you use your phone, but it will end at midnight in the capital of the country you were first in.
  5. You can opt out of Vodafone WorldTraveller at any time by calling 5555 free from your Vodafone mobile or texting REMOVE to 40508. On the day you opt out, Vodafone WorldTraveller will be removed from your account immediately. However, you’ll still be billed the daily charge if you use your phone in the WorldTraveller Zone on that day.

Red and Red Value Bundles

  1. Vodafone WorldTraveller is added automatically to Red and Red Value Bundles if your agreement started after 5 May 2016, so customers on these bundles won’t need to opt in (unless you have previously opted out). 

Mobile Broadband

  1. If you have a tablet, dongle or/and Mobile Wi-Fi device, you can use it with Vodafone WorldTraveller as part of your data allowances when travelling in our WorldTraveller Zone
  2. Your usage will be subject to a daily limit of 500MB per device. If you exceed this daily limit, we may opt you out of WorldTraveller. We will notify you before this happens. Once opted out, you’ll then be subject to our standard roaming charges if you continue to use your device when travelling in our WorldTraveller Zone. For more information on zones and standard charges, please visit our consumer roaming page at vodafone.co.uk/travelling

Please be aware

  1. There’s no minimum commitment period when opting in to Vodafone WorldTraveller. You can opt out again at any time, although you’ll be charged the daily fee for the day that you opt out if you’ve already used your phone as per paragraph 8. You’ll also be opting out of the monthly data spend cap within any country in our WorldTraveller Zone and any other Rest of World offers only while roaming in the WorldTraveller Zone, such as Data Traveller. As you’re using your UK data allowance when using Vodafone WorldTraveller, you’ll be notified by text when you’re getting close to your allowance and will be charged our standard UK out-of-bundle charges for any usage that exceeds this allowance. If you opt out of Vodafone WorldTraveller, you’ll be charged our standard Rest of World Zone charges when you travel abroad. Countries outside the WorldTraveller Zone will always be charged at our standard roaming charges. For more information on zones and standard charges, visit our consumer roaming page at vodafone.co.uk/travelling or our business roaming page at vodafone.co.uk/workingabroad
  2. Use of Vodafone WorldTraveller is subject to these terms, our Pay Monthly airtime agreement and charges guide [PDF: 493KB] We may vary or amend these terms, but if it’s to your disadvantage we’ll notify you. For more details about Vodafone WorldTraveller visit vodafone.co.uk/worldtraveller

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Updated April 2016