SPECTRE - Vodafone Cinema Competition

Seeing the film? You could win the latest gadgets

How to enter
1. The prize draw will open 25th November 2015 and close 29th November 2015. 
2. To enter you must hold a valid SPECTRE movie ticket (the Ticket) for an eligible Cineworld. The eligible Cineworld locations are Sheffield, Milton Keynes, Crawley, Edinburgh, Wandsworth, Didsbury, Feltham, Ipswich, Greenwich, Enfield, Nottingham, Aberdeen Union Square, Stevenage, Middlesbrough, Ashton, Cheltenham, Ashford, Wolverhampton, Birmingham Broad Street, Castleford.
3. Each Ticket holder will be given a scratch card by a brand ambassador (the Ambassador) upon presenting their Ticket.  You need to scratch your scratch card in front of the Ambassadors in order to see if you have won a prize. 
4. Using this method, one entry can be submitted per person presenting a valid Ticket.   
5. Sorry, but you can’t enter this prize draw if:
a. You don’t live in the UK
b. You’re under 13 years old (SPECTRE is rated PG – 13).  If you’re aged between 13 and 18 you might need consent from your parental or legal guardian to accept your prize. 
Winner and Prize
6. Below are the prizes to be won per each Cineworld location
                a. 1 Sony Xperia Z5 and Sony Action Cam Mini
                b. 94 Cineworld Medium Popcorn & Drink Combo
                c. 25 SPECTRE key rings
7. If your scratch card has a prize, you need to hand it to the Ambassador immediately. The Ambassador will then open the safe and give you the prize stated on the scratch card.  You will then need to confirm to the Ambassador that you have received the prize. Ambassadors keep a record of winners.
8. If you’ve won the Sony Xperia Z5 phone and the Sony Action Cam Mini, it will not contain a Vodafone SIM and will be locked to the Vodafone network.  
9. The winner will need to pay any other expenses and costs (if any) associated with the prize.
10. We don’t allow you to transfer or sell your prize to someone else and we won’t give you cash instead. 
Publicity & Content
11. We will use your details to run the prize draw if needed. We won’t keep your details after the prize draw has ended or send you marketing unless you have agreed to this. 
12. For the winners’ names please visit vodafone.co.uk/terms.
13. Whilst we’ll try and fulfil our obligations to run the prize draw smoothly, we’ll not be responsible if something happens that is beyond our reasonable control. 
14. We reserve the right to verify the validity of entries and to disqualify you without notice if you tamper with the entry process or don’t comply with these rules.
15. By entering the prize draw you accept these terms. Our decisions are final and we reserve the right not to enter into detailed responses to you.    
Who are we?  

Vodafone Limited, Vodafone House, The Connection, Newbury, Berkshire RG14 2FN