Terms and conditions

Vodafone Select

Who qualifies?

Vodafone Select is available to Vodafone’s UK, Pay monthly, Pay as you go and small/medium enterprise customers. It doesn’t include mobile broadband or corporate and public sector business plans.

What do you need to do if you’re under 16?

If you're under 16 years old, please ensure your parent or guardian agrees to you getting this service before you do so.

How do you join?

We’ll send you a text introducing you to the Vodafone Select service, or you can join by texting JOIN to 8586.

How does it work?

Vodafone Select gives you the opportunity to stay connected with recognised brands, by sending targeted messages tailored to you and your preferences. We’ll send you up to seven text, picture or video messages a week from these brands, or help you to discover offers and news by using a mobile app.

What are the targeted messages based on with Vodafone Select?

  • You (for example, your age, gender and information we receive about you) and your mobile device (such as its type, model and the apps you use on it)
  • Questions about what you like. (You can keep your profile up-to-date by texting UPDATE to 8586.)

If you choose to let us know more about yourself, we will also send messages based on:

How, when and where you use your mobile device (including who you contact and who contacts you), and how much this costs you

How you use your device online, including addresses of web pages you visit, search terms and queries you make, how you interact with web pages and apps (such as whether you click on advertisements) and your online shopping habits (but not your payment details)

Information held by other companies, matched with data we hold about you.

We may also share this information in a non-identifiable form with third parties (such as market research organisations) or to help third parties design and target their marketing campaigns. This doesn't include your name, mobile number or any other data which could identify you or enable them to contact you.

If you decide at any time that you no longer want Vodafone Select messages or to share this data, you can leave the Vodafone Select service by texting STOP to 8586.

What else do you need to know?

As long as you're in the UK, your subscription to Vodafone Select is free and it will always be free for you to receive and reply to the messages we send you as part of the service. If you're outside the UK then roaming charges may apply. Charges may also apply if you connect to any links contained in the messages. Find out more about these charges

Use of Vodafone Select is subject to these terms, our airtime conditions, and the price plan charges guide. We may vary or amend these terms, but if it's to your disadvantage we'll notify you.

For more details about Vodafone Select, go to our Help and Support section or the Vodafone Select product page.

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