Data Test Drive Offer

Data Test Drive

For the first 3 months of your price plan we’ll waive our standard data charges if you exceed your UK data allowance. We’ll monitor your data use, and in the third month we’ll send you a text summarising how you got on, whether you exceeded your data allowance during the trial and the monthly cost of adding a higher data allowance to your plan.

If you want the higher data plan, just send us a free text to 97888 within 3 days and we’ll apply the new data plan to your account at the end of the trial. But don’t worry, if we do apply the higher data plan and you wish to remove it at a later date, you can do this by contacting us at any time and we'll remove it from your next bill when your data allowance and charges will revert to the original amount in your price plan (including standard data charges for additional data use).

Don’t forget you can check your data usage at any time on My Account, the My Vodafone app (available on iPhone and Android) or by calling (free from your handset) 44555.

The 3 Month Data Test Drive is for data use in the UK only and does not apply to SIM only (excluding 12 month SIM only), mobile broadband and price plans where data is not included. If you move to a different price plan during the trial, sorry but the offer will not transfer to the new plan so you’ll be charged our standard data charges if you exceed your data allowance. Don’t forget after the 3 months if you exceed your UK data allowance our standard data charges will be applied. Happy surfing.

Effective 26th December 2011