Fixed Price Promise

What are the terms and conditions of the Switcher offer?

The offer is available from 1 April until 30 June 2015 (the offer period).

Vodafone will give you £20 credit if you switch your current O2 or/and EE contract to us during the offer period. The £20 credit will be applied directly to your new Vodafone account during your fourth billing month after the switch has completed.

To qualify for this offer, you'll need to:

  • be a UK resident
  • be an O2 or/and EE customer
  • purchase a Pay monthly bundle (this includes both phone and SIM only agreements from Vodafone) in store, online or via telesales
  • port your EE or/and O2 number within the first two months of your new Vodafone agreement
  • have passed the relevant credit checks
  • have paid your Vodafone bill for the first three months

If you have a monthly contract with both O2 and EE, you can still switch both numbers to Vodafone. You'll then be able to benefit from the offer on both switched numbers. If you have multiple contracts from both O2 and EE, you'll be able to benefit from the offer on each switched number.

You are not eligible for this offer if you:

  • are a business customer
  • are a Pay as you go customer
  • didn't buy directly from Vodafone (in store, online or via telesales)
  • are a Vodafone employee

The use of the offer will be subject to our Pay monthly airtime conditions.

The offer is subject to change and can be withdrawn without notice at any time.

By taking this offer you accept these terms. Our decisions are final and we reserve the right not to enter into detailed responses to you.