iPhone 5c Trade in

iPhone 5c trade-in offer

Once you've had your iPhone 5c for a couple of weeks we'll send you a bag which you can use to return the phone you want to trade-in.

Make sure you're happy with your iPhone 5c and then return the phone you want to trade-in; remember it has to be in good working order, touchscreen and needs to be one of the following brands: Apple, Nokia, Samsung, HTC, Sony or BlackBerry.

Pop the phone you want to trade-in, in the bag and return it to us using the instructions and we'll take it from there.

If you don't send us a phone or if your phone is not in good working order, not touchscreen or not one of the following brands (Apple, Nokia, Samsung, HTC, Sony & Blackberry) then you'll lose your discount and will have to pay the full £42 (£35.00 ex. VAT) per month or if you've chosen a 4G plan £47 (£39.17 ex. VAT) per month for the rest of your contract.

iPhone 5c trade-in offer

This offer is only available on the Vodafone Red plan. Unfortunately if you are not taking this plan, you will not be able to sign up to this offer.

Here are the terms and conditions you accept to take advantage of our iPhone 5c trade in offer. If you need any more information or have any questions please contact us.

The offer

1. You can have an iPhone 5c for a minimum of £37 (£30.83 ex. VAT) a month or if you’re on a 4G plan £42 (£35.00 ex. VAT) for 24 months, subject to passing our credit check and accepting the Pay Monthly Airtime Conditions or the General Terms (if you are a business customer). Find out more about our credit check process. Read our Pay Monthly Airtime Agreement or read our General Terms (for business customers).

2. The offer is available to new customers (including transfers from other networks) and existing customers who are eligible to upgrade.

3. The offer only applies for the first 24 months of the eligible Red Plan. After 24 months (unless you upgrade before then) you’ll be charged a minimum of £42 (£35.00 ex. VAT) per month or if you’ve chosen a 4G plan £47 (£39.17 ex. VAT) per month for the rest of your contract.

How it works

4. If you pass our credit checks and are eligible, you’ll receive an iPhone 5c. If you decide you don’t want it any more please follow our returns process and don’t send in the phone you were going to.

5. Hopefully, you’ll like your iPhone 5c so we’ll arrange for a bag to be sent to you (14 days after receiving your iPhone 5c), for you to send in the phone you want to trade-in. The return address will be provided with the bag. Please don’t send the phone before you receive the bag.

6. Make sure the phone you’re trading-in is in working order and you’ve removed the SIM card, memory cards and all other content and data. If you don’t, you agree we’re not responsible for any claims, losses or damage relating to the use of the SIM card, memory cards or any data and content arising once you’ve sent in the any phone. We recommend you back up any contents before sending a phone in. You don’t need to send any accessories such as chargers and headsets. If you do, they won’t change the terms of this offer and we won’t return them to you. We can’t return any SIM cards, memory cards or phones once they’ve been received.

7. It’s your responsibility to send in your phone. We won’t accept any liability for phones that arrive damaged or that don’t arrive. We recommend you use registered or special delivery so you can track where it is and have proof it’s been received. We’ll contact you by email or text to remind you to send in the phone. Once you’ve done that and it’s been checked and it meets the criteria, there’s nothing further for you to do but enjoy your iPhone 5c.

8. If you don’t send in a phone within 14 days of receiving the bag or you send in a phone that does not meet the above criteria, you won’t be eligible for the offer and we’ll immediately start to charge you a minimum of £42 (£35.00 ex. VAT) per month or if you’ve chosen a 4G plan £47 (£39.17 ex. VAT) for your Red Plan with iPhone 5c.

9. If you don’t receive a bag or if you have any other questions about how the offer works please contact us or call 54321 from your Vodafone handset.

What we mean by working order

10. The phone you send in needs to be complete with no missing, damaged or cracked parts and free from any water damage. It should turn on with a clear screen and be free from any PIN locks. Also, it must not feature on the lost, blocked or stolen checklist (see below for more details).

What we mean by the lost, blocked or stolen checklist

11. Mobile Phone Xchange Ltd will check whether the any phone you send in has been reported as either lost, blocked or stolen against registers maintained by CheckMEND which is operated by Recipero Limited (www.checkmend.com/uk). Phones which are lost, blocked or stolen will be held pending a claim from either the Police, an insurance company, or the registered owner. The relevant authorities will be informed if there is any suspicion that there is a deliberate attempt to commit fraud. We’ll contact you if this happens. If we reasonably believe you knew the phone was stolen, we won’t accept that you’ve honestly complied with the terms of the offer and you’ll be charged a minimum £42 (£35.00 ex. VAT) per month or if you’ve chosen a 4G plan £47 (£39.17 ex. VAT) for your Red Plan with the iPhone 5c.

Our obligations to protect your personal information

12. The security and protection of your personal information is important to us. We and our agents including Mobile Phone Xchange Ltd collect and use your personal information to provide the offer and contact you as part of the services we provide. Please read our Privacy Policy for more information about why and how we store and use your personal information. Other companies may be used to send out the bags but we are still responsible for the personal information you’ve provided to us.

Other things you need to be aware of

13. We reserve the right to amend the offer and may adjust or cancel the offer at any time. This will not affect anyone who has already taken up and benefited from the offer.

14. Whilst we'll try and fulfil our obligations to run the offer smoothly, we'll not be responsible if something happens which isn't in our reasonable control. This offer is subject to English law but nothing in these terms and conditions affect any rights which you may have and we can’t exclude.

15. The trade in parts of the offer are operated and provided by Mobile Phone Xchange Ltd. Once you’ve posted your working phone, ownership of it passes to Mobile Phone Xchange Ltd when it’s received at their premises.

16. By clicking the ‘trade in your phone’ button you’re accepting these terms. These terms are in addition to the Pay Monthly Airtime Conditions which we suggest you read before deciding to participate in this offer or the General Terms (for business customers).

Who are we? Vodafone Limited, Vodafone House, The Connection, Newbury, Berkshire, RG14 2FN, Registered in England No, 1471587.

October 2013