Rural Open Sure Signal

Rural Open Sure Signal terms and conditions

Please read these terms carefully.

1. VILLAGE CHAMPION: To apply for the Rural Open Sure Signal programme you must nominate someone within your community to represent it and be the single point of contact for Vodafone during all stages of the programme. This includes reporting any faults with units after installation. This person should also submit the application.

2. The Village Champion must be: (a) a UK resident; and (b) 18 years old or over at the time of the application.

3. MINIMUM CRITERIA: Before submitting the application, please ensure that your village meets the following minimum criteria:

a) At least 4MBps broadband speed at 5-10 suggested sites across your community

b) Limited coverage from all network operators in your area

c) Permission from landlords and property owners to gain access and site equipment on their property

d) Support from your local parish council, and your MP, AM or MSP

e) Acceptance that the community will be responsible for the electricity cost to run the Open Sure Signal units (this is approximately £30 a year, per unit, at current rates). We’ll cover the costs of the dedicated broadband line required to run the units.

4. APPLICATION TERM: The application process will be open from 22 July to 7 November 2014.

5. FINAL DECISION: Meeting the minimum criteria above does not automatically mean your community will be successful. Vodafone’s decision is final on the successful communities chosen.

6. FREE APPLICATION: It doesn’t cost anything for communities to apply for the programme. Successful communities should be aware that they may be subject to ongoing charges depending on their own individual arrangements for internet access.

7. ONE APPLICATION: Only one application per community, multiple applications will not be accepted.

8. The Village Champion must fully complete the questionnaire (available for download from the website). They must send this to: Rural Open Sure Signal programme, Media Relations, Vodafone House, The Connection, Newbury, Berkshire, RG14 2FN.

9. Incorrectly completed applications or applications which have not been fully completed may be rejected.

10. By submitting the application you warrant that the information submitted is true and Vodafone reserves the right to verify the information and reject the application if any of the information turns out to be incorrect.

11. No responsibility can be accepted for applications that are lost or delayed, or which are not received for any reason.

12. The closing date for applications is 7 November 2014. Applications received after the closing date may not be accepted, and Vodafone reserves the right to amend the application end date at any time.

13. Vodafone expects to select the successful villages by the end of October 2014 and will notify their Village Champions in early November. Applications will be judged on eligibility and meeting the minimum criteria.

14. Open Sure Signal units will be sited in order to deliver the widest possible coverage. The number of units per community may differ based on the size, and geographical characteristics of the area. Due to these factors, complete coverage of the entire community isn’t guaranteed.

15. Open Sure Signal units will remain property of Vodafone Limited, and we reserve the right to move or remove any units in the community.

16. Only Vodafone UK customers can connect to the Open Sure Signal units.

17. In order to use Open Sure Signal, you’ll need a 3G compatible handset and price plan. The cost of your plan will remain the same, but any usage outside your plan’s inclusive minutes, texts and data will be chargeable.

18. Vodafone 3G Mobile Network coverage is dependent on selected participants in the Village allowing Vodafone Open Sure Signal units to be installed and maintained at their building(s) on Vodafone’s standard terms and conditions to be provided once the participants have been selected by Vodafone.

19. By applying for the programme, the successful communities agree to participate in such promotional activity and material as Vodafone may require. The community agrees to give unconditional, payment-free, permission to use, copy, process, publish, transmit and display details of the application (including photos) in any unpaid publicity or advertising, whether in print, photographic or video format.

20. The successful communities will have Vodafone Open Sure Signal units installed to provide 3G Vodafone Mobile Network coverage. These units will not be transferable to another community.

21. We won’t offer the successful communities a cash alternative.

22. To find out which communities were selected onto the programme please send a SAE by 1 January 2015 to Rural Open Sure Signal programme, Media Relations, Vodafone House, The Connection, Newbury, Berkshire, RG14 2FN.

23. This programme is run by Vodafone Limited, Vodafone House, The Connection, Newbury RG14 2FN.

24. Please read our Privacy Policy 

25. We cannot guarantee the level of service available upon completion of the installation.

26. Property owners in successful communities will be required to sign an agreement with Vodafone in relation to the Open Sure Signal unit installed on their property.

27. By sending your application for the programme you accept these terms. Our decisions are final and we reserve the right not to enter into detailed correspondence with you.