Vodafone Student Discount Offer

Vodafone Student Discount Offer

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Eligibility and discount

1. To qualify for the Vodafone Student Offer ('Student Offer'), you must:

  • Be enrolled at an approved University
  • Correctly complete the online form within 60 days of starting the price plan
  • Open the account in your name (i.e. the person at the university)
  • Have a valid .ac.uk email address; and
  • Provide us with your student number

2. The discount only applies to price plans taken out via our online shop, our telesales or through one of our retail shops.

3. The discount is applicable to line rental only. Out-of-plan use, recurring charges, roaming charges, or any other additional charges other than line rental will not qualify and standard charges will apply.


4. A 10% discount is available to eligible customers with the Pay Monthly plans listed at (i) – (iii): 

(i) 24 month handset plans
(ii) 24 month iPad and tablet plans
(iii) 12, 18, and 24 month SIM only plans

5. The discount cannot be applied on 30-day SIM-only plans, household price plans, mobile internet or broadband price plans, pre-paid plans, or any other plans with an existing promotional discount or in conjunction with any other new promotional offers. The discount is available on all published offers.

Applying your discount

6. Discounts can only be applied following the completion and acceptance of the online discount application form.

7. Applications for discounts will only be accepted if they are made within 60 days of your purchase of a new plan.

8. Discounts will remain in place until an account is upgraded or price plan is changed. You understand if you upgrade or change your price plan, it is your responsibility to notify Vodafone using the online form to re-apply the discount. Accounts will not be re-credited if Vodafone is not notified within 60 days of the price plan change.

Further Condition

9. This offer is not applicable to any Vodafone customer who has a business account.


10. Discounts exclude existing Vodafone customers who are within the minimum term of their Agreement.

11. Price plans are subject to credit check.

12. We may review the Student Offer and may adjust the terms of the Student Offer based on market conditions. This will not affect students on existing agreements within their initial contract term.

13. We reserve the right to suspend, restrict or review the Student Offer without notice if (i) we believe it is being used in a way we do not allow under these terms or our Airtime Terms or Price Plan Terms, (ii) you’ve entered into this agreement fraudulently, or (iii) a law or regulation is passed which means we need to do so.

14. By registering for the Student Offer you agree to follow and be bound by these terms. These terms do not cover your SIM card, minutes, texts, data or other services that we provide to you which are governed by separate agreements (Airtime Agreements). If there is any difference between what is said in these terms and what is said in the Airtime Agreements, then what is said in the Airtime Agreements will apply.

The Vodafone Student Discount Offer is offered by Vodafone Limited. Registered Office: Vodafone House, The Connection, Newbury, Berkshire, RG14 2FN. Registered in England No. 1471587