Vodafone Taxi Driver Offer

Vodafone Taxi Driver Offer - Terms and Conditions

To qualify

  1. To benefit from the Vodafone Taxi Driver Offer you will need to be a registered taxi driver participating in the Vodafone Taxi Driver Scheme.

The offer

  1. The offer consists of a 20% discount on line rental on price plans of £20 a month or more; or a 10% discount on line rental on price plans under £20 a month. In addition, you will receive free Vodafone to Vodafone calls within the UK (don’t forget there is a 60 minute call cap after which your standard price plan charges apply).
  2. You will also be eligible to give up to 5 of your friends and family a discount when they take out a new connection or upgrade their Vodafone price plan. Friends and family will be entitled to those discounts detailed above excluding free Vodafone to Vodafone calls within the UK.
  3. You must apply for discounts, for yourself or on behalf of friends and family, within 30 days of a new connection or upgrade through the online discount application form.

How it works

  1. The offer is only available on pay monthly price plans with 12, 18 and 24 month terms including our 12 month SIM only pay monthly plans.
  2. Discounts are only applicable to price plans purchased via Vodafone stores, Vodafone telesales or the Vodafone website.
  3. Discounts cannot be applied on 30 or 90 Day SIM-Only plans, Household price plans, Business price plans, data only price plans, Pay as you go plans, or any other plans in conjunction with a new or existing promotional offer.
  4. The discount applies to line rental. Standard charges will apply to out of bundle use, recurring charges, charges whilst travelling abroad, or any other additional charges.
  5. Discounts will be applied until you change your price plan. You must re-apply for the discount on upgrading or renewing your price plan.
  6. You will need to have a valid company email address to apply for any discounts online.
  7. Information provided to apply for the discount is subject to our privacy policy.
  8. The discount will remain in place until the price plan is upgraded or changed. You understand it is your responsibility to notify us using the online form to re-apply the discount. The discount will not be re-applied if we are not notified within 30 days of the price plan change.
  9. General Information

    1. Price plans are subject to credit check.
    2. We reserve the right to amend the Vodafone Taxi Driver Scheme, and may adjust or cancel this offer at any time. This will not affect you or your friends and family on existing agreements within their initial price plan term.
    3. We reserve the right to suspend, restrict or review the offer without notice if (i) we believe it is being used in a way we do not allow under these terms or your Airtime Agreement and Price Plan terms, (ii) you have entered into this agreement fraudulently, (iii) a law or regulation is passed which means we need to do so.
    4. By registering for a discount you agree to these terms. These terms are in addition to your Airtime Agreement and Price Plan terms.

    Vodafone Limited, Vodafone House, The Connection, Newbury, Berkshire, RG14 2FN.

    Updated January 2012