• Our offer to you

    There are loads of great reasons to join Vodafone, with a wide range of products, services and support that’s built around your needs.

    Our network

    We’re constantly investing in our network so you can get more out of it – particularly 4G.

    Use our coverage checker to find out what signal strength you can expect in your area.

    Power to you

    Take a look at our great range of products and services, designed to give you the freedom to enjoy life, your way.

    Explore our benefits page to find out more.

  • Leaving your current provider

    If you’re thinking about switching your mobile services to us, you may need to contact your current provider to cancel your existing arrangement and get important information.

    Understanding when your contract ends

    The Terms and Conditions for your current contract should contain all the information you need to change provider, including any termination rights, any procedures you need to observe and any minimum agreement period.

    • If you’ve reached the end of your agreement, you can ask your current provider to cancel it
    • You might be subject to a notice period before your device is disconnected – make sure you’re aware of this so you’re not charged twice for your mobile service and don’t lose it entirely during the switch
    • If you haven’t reached the end of your agreement, you may need to pay your current provider an early termination fee

    Other information

    You can also contact your current provider for:

    • Details about your current agreement – for example, your usage limits
    • If you want to continue using your existing device (for example, if you want to take one of our SIM only plans) and it’s locked to your provider’s network you’ll need a network unlock code to use it with us. Please note that your provider may charge you a fee to unlock your device
    • We'd recommend you don’t use a third party service to get your network unlock code, such as a local phone shop. Using a third party may void your warranty – please call your current provider instead
  • Keep your number

    If you’re joining us from another network and want to keep your number, you’ll need a Porting Authorisation Code, commonly called a PAC. You need to ask your old network to send you your PAC – this will occur within a maximum of two hours after your request.

    To request your PAC from your old provider you’ll need to call them. Contact details can be found on their website through the following links:

    When you’ve received the PAC, just fill in the number transfer form and we’ll do the rest.

    Your PAC is only valid for 30 days from the date it’s issued, so you’ll need to give it to us in time to set up your move. If you wait too long, you’ll have to get another PAC. If you change your mind about moving your number, don’t worry – if you don’t send us your PAC nothing will happen.

    How long will it take for my services to be transferred?

    Porting your number to us takes up to one full working day. Here's when you can expect your number to move to our network, depending on when you send your completed online form to us:

    If you submit your form before 5pm on: Your number will move across by midnight on:
    Monday Tuesday
    Tuesday Wednesday
    Wednesday Thursday
    Thursday Friday
    Friday Monday
    Saturday Tuesday
    Sunday Tuesday
    If you submit your form after 5pm on: Your number will move across by midnight on:
    Monday Wednesday
    Tuesday Thursday
    Wednesday Friday
    Thursday Monday
    Friday Tuesday
    Saturday Tuesday
    Sunday Tuesday
  • I don’t want to keep my number

    If you don’t want to keep your current number we can give you a new number on a new SIM. Just visit your nearest Vodafone store or contact one of our customer service advisers by calling 03333 040191 (standard call charges apply) or through Live Chat to join us and set up your new number.

    • If you visit us in store we’ll give you a new SIM, which may take up to 24 hours to activate on our network
    • If you contact one of our customer service advisers, we’ll send you a new SIM and you'll need to activate it

    We’ll provide you with a triple format SIM which will be suitable for any device you have.

    If you have any content such as photos, videos, music and contact numbers saved to your old device, you can move it across to your new one

  • Your first day with us
    • On the day you join us, you should be able to make calls on our network using your new device and/or SIM by 4pm. You'll still receive calls on your old/ongoing device and SIM until we've completed your move, so you shouldn't miss anything. As your new SIM card activates, your old SIM will be deactivated
    • If you’re keeping your current number, it should move across between 11am and 4pm on the day you join, but it can sometimes take until the end of the working day. We'll send you a text to welcome you on board as a Pay monthly customer
    • If you experience any delays in porting your number to us, you will receive automatic compensation.